Barrel Roll Podcast #156 - "Bizarro Shenmue" | writes, "On this, the one-hundred and fifty-sixth excursion into Barrel Roll country, Jesse and Jonah are joined by the internet’s own Michael Bachmann. While Mike was off playing the Diablo III open beta, Jonah and Jesse spent time with the Dragon’s Dogma demo and character creator. Jesse has also finished up Kid Icarus: Uprising while Jonah played through Journey.

There is discussion of Space Quest and Leisure Suit Larry, as well as Bizarro Shenmue, which isn’t a real game, but probably should be.

Getting back to games we actually played, Jesse breaks down Ridge Racer Unbounded and it’s strange drifting mechanics. Jonah started in on The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition on the Xbox 360 while Mike completed the first chapter of The Walking Dead adventure game from Telltale. All this and more on Barrel Roll #156, “Bizarro Shenmue”."

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