CVG's Left 4 Dead hands-on: Massive playtest of Valve's zombie killer

The new rural level has an extra layer of creepiness over the urban; it feels more open, and the brick of a city is always going to feel safer than a fading, endless forest. This is particularly true of a forest that generates zombies.

Whereas the city level has a great line in claustrophobia, and keeps you on your toes with vertical combat, the cornfields level is that more fundamentally terrifying thing - a level where there is no safety, nothing to put your back against. It's especially true in the final dash through the cornfield, running nearly blind and just hoping that the zombies won't arrive before you get the doors closed.

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Havince3986d ago

is a PC preview. this game will be out on pc monthes before xbox.

no need for this on xbox bit

TnS3986d ago

I think the preview is general enough and applies to the X360 version too.

BLUR1113986d ago

im thinking that too it looks insane!

wageslave3986d ago

Can't agree more. Clearly, Microsoft is cherry-picking the best the NEW IPs the industry has to offer. Left 4 Dead is going to be massive.

HarryEtTubMan3985d ago

Wageslave this game looks cool but u are STUPID.

mighty_douche3986d ago

Dont know much about this, but if Valve are putting their name to it, it's got to be worth a look. Another PC game to look forward to, now if they can just get a move on with FarCry 2 ill be a happy man!

poos33986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

anotehr 360 exclusive that leaves other console games left for dead this year the xbox is the console of gamers and devs this game will be another killer app for onlien play and with the award wining vavle making this game well u know the rest .

mighty_douche3986d ago

meh... did you even read my comment? PC!! if any game is avaliable on both console and PC id get the PC version, better graphics, better frame rates, better support, internet doesnt break like LIVE.

RIPHDDVD3986d ago

i just hope they could fix that before i buy the PC version.

Sez 3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

this game is another reason why i am glad i brought a 360. first warhounds now this. i can't wait to hear what else MS has up their sleeves.

ain't MGS4 a shooter. what about haze,UT3,KZ2,RFOM2,RFOM,warhar k aren't those shooters to. yet you sonyfanboys come on this site hyping those games. seems to me the ps3 is taking the same road as the 360.
i guess you like generic rpg like FF,KH,DQ being as they play like every other RPG thats out. only thing diffrent is the story.

destroyah3986d ago

that's some great variety! you must be American!

darx3986d ago

Don't be jealous of us Americans!

games4fun3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

if you hadn't picked three rpgs with different gameplay elements to them you kind of shot your self in the foot KH is more action/rpg, FF XIII is going to be very different, and DQ is the oldschool version of fighting three very different gameplay elements, i also would add that WHITE KNIGHT STORY is going to be awesome so yea i would like an rpg its why i bought the ps3 for FF and White Knight, MGS4 is just a bonus

destroyer stop trolling that argument is pretty weak even if there are a lot of shooters when was the last time you heard of a zombie game with FPS? that wasnt resident evil for the xbox360

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The story is too old to be commented.