Nintendo Teases Big Third Party 3DS Announcements At E3

Satoru Iwata has hinted to investors that Western third-party developers are back onboard with the Nintendo 3DS. Iwata admitted to investors that third-party developers were hesitant to develop for the Nintendo 3DS due to poor sales, but since the systems turnaround worldwide, they’re now back onboard. Iwata teased that we should see a “richer” software lineup for the Nintendo 3DS at E3, which takes place next month.

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ronin4life2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

Story about how Sony (ps3+Vita)will dominate e3= "hell yeah it will!"+loads of comments in minutes+high degree rating.

Story about how one of Nintendos systems will have a great e3(in the same Q&A he alludes the same for the wiiu)= *cricket noises*