NowGamer- Sniper Elite V2 (Xbox 360) Review

NowGamer- Riddled with technical errors, which it largely gets away with on the fact it’s a sniping game, whose enemies are just jumped-up moving targets.

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madjedi2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Yeah the ghostly outline is on casual mode, i enjoyed the demo as a nice change of pace from most run and gun fps's.

I have read 2 reviews this ones and edges both sound like they rushed through it on casual mode then neglected to mention anything of using the mill dots to account for bullet drop.

Or the wind indicator to account for bullet drift, which you would think are important aspects of the game to discuss. Since that is the whole point of the game is about replicating real life snipping factors at long distance.

This is why professional reviews are useless to me. When a guy that only played the demo mentions important points the reviewer forgets or omits entirely, that is sad.

Your doing the review on casual mode, which basically eliminates any part of the other shooting factors. Which makes this game different from any other generic shooter with unrealistically accurate bullets. Oh wow, sorry take it off baby mode and try again.

kasasensei2751d ago

If you review this game in casual/normal mode, you obviously doing it wrong. Those are difficulty for armless people. Play it in elite or don't.
Dumb reviewer.