The Cursed Checkpoint #115 - Should I Play The Walking Dead?

Ethan has been a bit outspoken against The Walking Dead episodes prior to their release, and Justin and Brandon couldn't be happier with the series after the first episode. Can they convince Ethan and his ilk to stick with the series?

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MysticStrummer2757d ago

Can you be bothered to download a free demo? You'll pretty much know if you like it then. I thought episode one was great and look forward to episode two. Each is at least the length of a movie, so $5 each ($4 each if you buy the bundle) is a good deal, not to mention the theme that comes with the bundle. I loved the way the final scene ended, very much like the TV show, and also the "Next Time on Walking Dead" preview for episode two, which changes depending on what you did in episode one.