Seven fighters we'd like to see in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale has finally been announced, and we're pretty eager to see whether Sony can put together a brawl fest that rivals the original: Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series. The big problem though is that Sony's roster just isn't shaping up so well, and though fan-favorites like Kratos are there, we've also got a bad guy from Killzone 2 and Fat Princess? Yuck.

Point is, there are plenty of awesome franchises which though not owned by Sony, owe their success to the PlayStation. That's why we're hoping Sony reaches out to some studios for the rights to use at least some of these classic gaming icons:

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mushroomwig2752d ago

You guys don't even know the name of the GTA protagonist? For shame.

Tainted Gene2752d ago

I know "Claude" is his supposed name, but I hate callin him by that since he is never actually called Claude in GTA 3.

Just a pet peeve of mine regarding this character for some years n0w.

Nimblest-Assassin2751d ago

Jill Valentine is a must, didn't RE have its start on the original PS1?

Third-Party is huge for playstation. Screw the haters, whatever excuse they make to get all these characters together, Im fine with.

Hell, whats bad with more smash bros?

TheLyonKing2752d ago

Sick to death with all the *insert number* people we would like to see in all-star battle royal.

Hopefully E3 will shed some light so these article will be finshed though even when the roster is shown we will get articles like *insert number* people that SHOULD have been in all-star battle royal.

jthamind2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Snake better be in the game, he helped build the Playstation brand to what it is today. idc if he was in SSB or not; unless there's some sort of contractual thing that explicitly forbids Sony to use Snake from MGS, then they better get him in there.

aDDicteD2751d ago

maybe we will see the mgs4 snake or raiden

Deathdeliverer2752d ago

The person that wrote this article is crazy. All the playstation exclusive games that have come out across 3 consoles and 2 handhelds and all they can think of is 3rd party characters? Give me Eiji, Kayin, or Sho from Battle Arena Tohshinden and I'm beyond satisfied. Or the protagonist from Dark Cloud. Have the white knight as a secret boss! He is big enough for a few people to wail on.

Cryptcuzz2752d ago

I agree, thanks for reminding me about Battle Arena Toshinden, that game was awesome!

In fact, that was the game that got me to go out and buy the PSX!

How about some characters from Bloody Roar? Remember that game anybody?

As far as I can remember, that game started on the PSX way back when lol.

vortis2752d ago

Same here.

I loved Battle Arena Toshinden.

Arcanine2752d ago

jill would be nice, and laura craft, but i would like to see sora from kingdom hearts

aDDicteD2751d ago

same here, kingdom hearts is one of the great games on ps so I'm hoping sora make's it to the cut as well

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