Now Is The Time To Join Playstation Plus

I’ve been very skeptical about Playstation Plus in the past. Paying $50 for a 12 month subscription to a service that gives me free, pre-determined games I may not like and losing those games if my PS+ ever expires was something I never had any interest in, until now. This month sees a trio of free games that are more than worth your time, discounts on great games, beta access, and more.

- Trendy Gamers.

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Emilio_Estevez2760d ago

You won't regret signing up, it's a great deal really.

guitarded772760d ago

I joined day 1, but just in the past 3 months, the value of what we're getting is insane. Can't wait to get home and download today.

Emilio_Estevez2760d ago

Me too, can't wait to play Trine2

Larry L2760d ago

I'm a thrifty gamer, because I'm usually broke the last few years. My gaming cash is very limited every year. And I'm also a gamer that is typically against subscription gaming and services,,,,,maybe that's due to how broke I am, idk.....but I just hate the idea of subscribing to things. I'm also an old-school gamer. Been gaming since the Atari days. I also used to be the kind of gamer who said "I will never buy DLC or digital content I don't really own".

All those things being said, as soon as I saw the value PLUS offers when they announced it, I was all over it as soon as I was able to afford a $50 PSN card. And I just renewed my 2nd subscription last month.

PS Plus is 100% without a doubt the best $50 I've ever spent in my gaming life. And I don't even take advantage of everything they offer. I just ignore and don't download some because I dodn't care about them or whatever, like most PS1 games, avatars and themes. And it's still an amazing value.

I'm not trying to sell it to anyone, and I don't own Sony stock shares. I just think any gamer with a PS3 (even better value if you have a PSP/Vita as well) and a spare $50 they'd like to get alot of gaming value from.....should be taking a serious look at PS Plus.

BringingTheThunder2760d ago

theres no need to buy gr:fs if you have ps+!

Rearden2760d ago

Agree, compared with what you pay, PSPlus generally gives you more than Xbox Live.

Siren302760d ago

Yeah I enjoy getting discounts on games I owned for years

FunAndGun2760d ago

You are doing it wrong...

You should instead enjoy getting Rock of Ages and Awesomenauts that release this month and are both free!

MaxXAttaxX2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

Let me give you an example.
When you paid full price for Street Fighter III Online on XBL, I paid $11 with PS Plus on day 1.
I got RDR + add-ons including Undead Nightmare bundled for $25 last year.

Nice try though.
Maybe you should do more research on all the types of discounts, bundles and free content you get with PS Plus (an optional service) before attempting to knock on it.

TheFirstClassic2760d ago

Never owned a psone and haven't bought many psn games since getting a ps3, so its been pretty awesome for me.

catfrog2760d ago

of course... psn gives you everything xbox live gives you lol

Bowzabub2760d ago

I'll be a subscriber as long as the service is available.

metsgaming2760d ago

if the quality stays where it is and its actually getting better as time goes on, then yes i agree.

WillGuitarGuy2760d ago

Rock Of Ages? The PC game? Awesome!

BringingTheThunder2760d ago

and you get the tom cruise movie!

guitarded772760d ago

No... Rock of ages ROCKS!!! Awesomenauts is Awesome... both free this month with PS+ :)

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The story is too old to be commented.