Todd Papy Reveals Some New God of War: Ascension Info, God of War 3 Likely Not Coming To The PSN

With the livestream of God of War: Ascension yesterday on The Playstation Blog, there were obviously a lot of questions that people had about the game. Luckily, Todd Papy, Game Director of God of War: Ascension, took to Twitter to answer some questions about features in the game, campaign length, and whether or not we’ll see God of War 3 on the PSN.

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LOGICWINS2759d ago

I guess...if you rush. Either way, its kind of disappointing. Why can't Ascension be as long as GOW2(Easily a 15 hour game with constant variety)?

It's kind of hard to ignore the possibility that the focus on multiplayer stripped resources away from the single player. Damn shame if you ask me.

BringingTheThunder2759d ago

i beat gow1 in about 3 hours my third playthrough and gow2 in 7 on my first.

it better be at least 6.

LOGICWINS2759d ago

"i beat gow1 in about 3 hours my third playthrough and gow2 in 7 on my first." is that even possible?

BringingTheThunder2759d ago

theyre short games and beating them on normal is pretty easy.

it shouldnt take anyone 15 hours to beat a gow game unless its on the hardest difficulty.

TheFirstClassic2759d ago

@BringingTheThunder seriously??? Most people say 8-10 hours for gow1 and 15 hours for gow2. I've never heard of anyone beating the games that fast on their first playthrough. Your memory must be failing. Or you're just incredible.

Nitrowolf22759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

@ LOGICWINS,cpayne93

then you guys must have not Plat the games.

GOW 1 Trophy: "Speed of Jason McDonald
Beat the game in under 5 hours on any Difficulty"
I beat it in around 4 hours third playthrough.

God of War 2 I beat about 7-8

If we are talking about highest difficutly that's another story (10+ hours for all of them), but regardless the games can be beaten that fast.

For being the first time you play GOW, typically the stretch to about 8-12 hours on average

BTW Everyone, here's the response, in case you get mixed up with the top comment.

"Question: ‘sorry but i don’t like to wait 3 years for 5/6 hours for the SP for god’s sake.’

Answer: ‘I don’t know where you got those #’s. it will be comparable to GoW time.’"

so yes campaign, non speed run = 8-15 hours

TheFirstClassic2759d ago

@NitroWolf I can understand gow1 on his third playthrough, but gow2 in 7 on first seemed strange. That said, I've never played trough gow2, so I can't really make a judgement.

MaxXAttaxX2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

I never beat any of the GOW games in under 8 hours or heard anyone complaining that they're too short. I think they have a good enjoyable length.

Either your memory fails you or you're exaggerating... or something.

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GraveLord2759d ago

If you put it in easy and skip all the cutscenes then yeah. If you want it to be long, then put it in the hardest difficulty.

If you want to get all the trophies, it would most likely take you multiple breakthroughs. So 15 hours. Happy?

ForeverGamer2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

"Question: ‘Hi,about SP: Will there be a variety of locations like GOW2 for example? I also hope there be more colors than GOW3 :) ’

Answer: ‘Yes (like all of our games) and Yes and that is all I’ll say right now.’

Question: ‘You mentioned in your presentation that the heros will assend to Olympus to meet the gods. Will they appear as they did in GOW3?’

Answer: ‘Got to wait and see :) . You’ll see in the next couple of months. 2 of them have been updated, and 2 of them haven’t been touched’

Question: ‘sorry but i don’t like to wait 3 years for 5/6 hours for the SP for god’s sake.’

Answer: ‘I don’t know where you got those #’s. it will be comparable to GoW time.’

Question: ‘how much shorter is it? u were comparing it 2 the series as a whole right? Would you compare it GoW1? If its as long as gow1 im in:) ’

Answer: ‘I think we will be ver close to GOW 1′"

GOW1 took me about 13+ hours to finish
after collecting every thing in it in my 1st playthrough
and every god of war game on ps2/ps3 took me from 9 to 13 hours to finish on normal after collecting every thing in them

that makes me very happy
so the new god of war will be from 8 to 15 hours

Nitrowolf22759d ago

BTW did anyone really expect GOD of War 3 to be on PSN? That game is over 30GB to download.

BF3 was 13GB
ME3 was 13GB aswell.

IDK what's the biggest PSN download title right now, but I think it only goes as far as 20GB

LOGICWINS2759d ago

Unless they split the SP campaign and multiplayer to sell them as separate parts of one game.

Skate-AK2759d ago

He said GOW 3. There is no multiplayer.

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BLow2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Completion time for any game is going to vary from gamer to gamer. What might take 8 hours for one person to beat it may take 12 for another. If some of you are expert GoW players then you should play on hard you first time through. I'm no expert player by any means but I play on hard on my first playthrough for the extra challenge. I feel 8 to 10 hours is perfect for this game. If it's a little more or less, I'm not going to complain. If you feel its too short and not worth your money than wait a month or so and grab it for $40 or less.

I don't really think it's fair to say how long a game will be by comparing it to a game you completed 3 times going for a speed run trophy...really? Maybe I'm missing something. Man gamers now days whine about everything! Can we wait and get more info about the game before everyone starts to jump to conclusions. Right now I'm just dieing to here more about the SP part of the game and some of you are bickering about the games length.

If some of you want bigger and better everything and at the same time longer games please become a game developer and show us how it's done. Do you realize how difficult it is to make a game and try to please EVERYONE..especially today. I haven't been disappointed with Santa Monica yet so I have faith that they will deliver...MAN...I'm out