AoF Exclusive: A peek behind developer doors: Rebellion

Addict of Fiction takes you around Rebellion, revealing history, game mechanics and upcoming DLC and other unique things coming to Sniper Elite V2.
No one else has heard some of the stuff we reveal, as it's still very early talk.

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BattleAxe2754d ago

This studio won't be around a year from now. They just keep pump'n out turds like it ain't no thang.

hiredhelp2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Hmmmm well kinda turdish childish comment.
I actually beleave sniper elite v2 will help them sure been few games could have been better but they have done great stuff.
Oh plus sniper elite v2 has full co-op campaign how many games this gen can say that...
This game is fun to play try the demo test out differnt style kills. Have you tryed blowing up the grenade the solders carry have you used the trip wire,mines the detail this game great visually not bad at all.
Btw i lost count how many differnt parts body ive hit in slow mo from busting there Acorns to cracking the skull in half and soooooo many others things in between. Heres a goal for you try take down 2 guys 1 bullet.