How and Why the Next Generation of Consoles Need to Better Integrate Social Media Applications

James Steel Writes-
"Social Media Applications are all about telling the world what we’re thinking, seeing and doing. Sharing with our friends, family and the entire public our views, opinions, photos and videos just to name a few. Services such as Facebook and Twitter work perfectly in a mobile form, allowing us to utilise the camera and GPS amongst other features when we’re out and about, and since these devices are often carried with us 24/7, it’s always easy to hop on and share a spontaneous thought or photograph.

When the Facebook and Twitter applications launched for the Xbox 360 a year after the NXE update, it was just the beginning of Microsoft’s new focus on expanding the potential of the system, and especially with the whole host of TV, Video and Music applications released alongside the latest Metro revision, it’s clear that the consoles are no longer just about gaming.

On a second glance however, Facebook and Twitter on the Xbox 360 are a little useless. The nice...

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