Being really good at League of Legends could pay $3 million

Riot Games announced the details for the Season 2 World Championships for League of Legends, including a $3 million prize for the winning team.

The second season of professional, competitive play for the popular free-to-play title will conclude on October 13, 2012 in Los Angeles, where twelve teams from around the world will compete. Riot Games is touting the gigantic winnings as, “the biggest payday in eSports history.” League of Legends has been the big downloadable hit of the last year or so, with more than 35 million monthly active users.

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acronkyoung2759d ago

I will never be a professional gamer. Too much work to dedicate to a specific game.

mushroomwig2759d ago

What's wrong with that? The money alone makes it worth the dedication.

TopDudeMan2759d ago

I wonder if the people who play it professionally still enjoy the game, though.

deantak2759d ago

I still think they should pay everyone to play a game. Not the other way around.