How Halo 4 Could Change Multiplayer As We Know It's Cassidee Moser delves into what we know about Halo 4's multiplayer and what it could do to revolutionize online competitive gaming. Is Master Chief's franchise about to make another huge impact?

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aviator1892759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

I'm more interested in Spartan Ops. New missions that draws influence from sci-fi hits such as Battlestar Galactica with cutscenes every week...and it's FREE. That's pretty awesome, in my opinion.

Summons752759d ago

Yeahit dose sound pretty awesome, and they have some pretty coherent writers backing them so it should be a good story too.

tigertron2759d ago

Thats one really cool feature that has been overlooked by people complaining that Halo 4 is too COD like when they haven't even played it.

I hope to see/hear more about Spartan Ops at E3.

mr_badhand2759d ago

How many games are going to change multiplayer as we know it?

h311rais3r2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Proof? No? Then don't bother with your pointless comment. It COULD but we have to wait and see. The way they are linking everything seems pretty unique.

aviator1892759d ago

So, you've played it, then?

Dayngls2755d ago

lol creativity and innovation is just about dead this generation. its going to be as similar to call of duty as possible.

cod has ruined games and taken away unique ideas from devs. its all about the casuals and trying to market to them now.

VanillaBear2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )


They are copying COD with some of the new changes

Instead of doing what Halo has done best for it's online they are trying to add COD elements to capture a bigger audience...even though it will sell a ton anyway.

Halo has nearly always been balanced, with these changes I doubt it's going to be much longer. Think I'll stick to Halo 3/Reach for the online. Uncharted did exactly the same, they added COD like changes and it ruined the online, made it unbalanced and Cod like.

StrongMan2759d ago

It won't change anything without a simple aim down the sights and sprint to name a few basic FPS features. There's a reason Halo 4 is copying COD now.

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