How to tell if Xbox Can Be Fixed?

Chillopedia | If your Xbox goes up in a puff of smoke you may be in for bad times. Many are the times however, that it just simply will not start, show anything on the screen, or have unresponsive controls. Electronics are prone to failure from a variety of reasons some serious and some not so.

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blinkingfast2364d ago

nice this info would have been much more helpful years ago but hey good none the less.

NukaCola2364d ago

The original Xbox is the most durable console ever made. I didn't know it could break. Mine still works after all these years. The thing was a tank.

Holeran2364d ago

My original X-box has been going for 9+ years now. I played it an average of 2 hours a day for the first 5 years and the kids have been playing it on average 1 hour a day since then. Comes out to roughly 7980 hours give or take a couple of months of hours per day over that amount of time. It has a problem taking in the disc now and again but works fine the second time around. Other than that it is a tank and my favorite piece of hardware for reliability ever since I can remember, except for my Atari 2600 that still works.

DOOMZ2364d ago

Actually, been getting a crap load of PS3's at the shop...

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