Gaming's 3 Most Annoying Characters

Over the years in gaming there have been a lot of really cool characters that players can’t get their minds off of and then there are those characters that are just so annoying the players don’t even want to pick up some of their favorite games. When a player gets a hold of a really good game its likely they will get hooked and play that game for hours on end, however, there is one major issue that could change that addiction and force players to set down these hot titles and never want to pick them up again; annoying characters!

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TheSuperior 2359d ago

lol these characters can really get on my nerves x)

DarthJay2359d ago

You could only come up with three? Kind of a dumb list. If you can't come up with at least 10, why even bother?

TopDudeMan2359d ago

That's not the point. These aren't even remotely anywhere near the 3 most annoying gaming characters.

DarthJay2359d ago

OK, so that's strike two against it. I'd say both are beyond valid.

Baka-akaB2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

"In every aspect of the game that Zimos appears in he is speaking so out of the ordinary that he is nearly impossible to understand over gun fire and police sirens."

Uh ? they sells home cinema system everywhere and you could always turn subtiles on .

"The most annoying thing about him is that he only speaks in auto-tune"

Actually the most awesome thing about him and anyone in the game

You dont play lots of games if that what you can come up with .

Fatty2359d ago

This list only had 1 bad character on it (Amy) and she's not even nearly the worst character the Sonic series has birthed. As for Cole and Zimos, I'm ok with Cole and Zimos was absolutely hilarious due to the sheer absurdity of the autotune cane.

This list wasn't big enough given the limited qualms it brought on its own.