What to Expect from Pro Evolution Soccer 13?

GamerFitNation: For now all there is, is a trailer. By the looks of it, it’s more than likely that Cristiano Ronaldo will be sporting the cover for PES 13 for a third time. Konami recently released images, and a trailer where Cristiano Ronaldo’s seen running and controlling the ball in front of his virtual PES version. So, what are some of the features that you can expect to see in PES 13 and features that I’m looking forward to?

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mafiahajeri2360d ago

Expect Mehness thats what you can expect...

mafiahajeri2360d ago

ee ya 3abdo ya bash mahandas hatha el kalim el 9a7

juaburg2360d ago

Personally,i like PES more than Fifa. Maybe its cause i grew up playing it. I know the king fell off its throne and fifa took its place, but i still cant turn my back on PES. Plus their master league and be a Legend mode is decent!