Live racism concerns US TV show: Microsoft to now investigate are today reporting the latest word from the US, where television's own Dr. Phil, a celebrity therapist, has been rather concerned by reports of bullying and racism on the Xbox Live service.

Speaking to Dr. Phil, gaming guest Terry described some of the abuse he'd suffered playing games on Live, having been called a "monkey," and other slurs.

"I love playing videogames as much as I like eating food. I've been a loyal customer to Xbox Live and Xbox 360," Terry offered. "Now it's gotten worse with the racial slurs, the name-calling and the bullying online. I've been called 'monkey,' or 'Are your hands greasy from eating all that chicken?' [and] 'I'm going to put a lynch on your door.'"

The gamer also revealed that he no longer lets his kids play on Live because of the rise in the name-calling. More over, when he complained to Microsoft, he was told 10 separate complaints about a user would be needed before action could be taken.

Microsoft has now promised to investigate thoroughly.

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name3931d ago

Lol I'm gonna put a lynch on your door. Might as well say I'm gonna put a choke on your neck.

Genuine3931d ago

I file a complaint on any kind of racial hate speech on Live. For the most part, people are O.K. I noticed a rise in a*sholes when Halo 3 was released. I guess alot of Halo 2 noobs bought a 360. Most games people are O.k or even nice, but I think we all know that online Halo 2 was a stinking cespool of hatred.

Power of Blu3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

Good for you Genuine, I read in one of your previous posts you have a Son and it's good to see parents doing the right thing in front of their children.

Sadly Halo3 brought such wonderful personalities like GITPWNED out of their holes and seeing the way he/she/it rants over Halo3 and reduces any post they make into a sea of swear words and profanities it just goes to show they're a lot of children that still need to be supervised when on the internet.

+Bubbles for being a decent father.

mighty_douche3931d ago

N4G is a shining example of that^

Lifendz3931d ago

I rarely encounter this on PSN, but live is notorious for it. Worst part is that you sometimes hear young kids doing this sort of crap as well. I don't know how MS could monitor this because its so prevalent. I guess they make a few examples here and there and maybe word gets around that this stuff isn't cool.

smack3931d ago

Lifendz to suggest that people on Live are worse is bs. The only reason Live appears worse is there are 10 times the amount of players. It does not matter where you are from in the world, there are always people who are a pain in the *ss.

No responsible parent would allow their child to play on Live or any other network of it's type. I do not allow my daughters to play on live for this very reason, just like they are not permitted to visit certain websites, chat rooms etc.

I cannot see anyway that MS or Sony could control behavior beyond the feedback system. People need to be responsible and report problems when they occur.

jamesconnellbluenose3931d ago

It is so easy to mute somebody on LIVE. Job Done. Whats the problem and if this guy is saying he is not letting his kids go online cause of this then what account do they have. Due to if they have child accounts they cant hear anybody in a room unless they are on their friends list. The ways and means are already there to deal with this GROW UP! And if everybody on LIVE got banned after one complaint then no one would be online as there is too many people makeing complaints just cause they lose etc. And PSN was on ITN NEWS (UK) before christmas. PEOPLE ALWAYS ARGUE!!

Ravenator5293931d ago

Well when one service has millions more subsribers over the other one, you will in turn have more complaints.

I adopted online gaming with the PS2 when it was first released. I played SOCOM, SOCOM2, and SOCOM3 online almost non-stop. And yes, there was racism going on in those games.

Nice try!

"Live" always gets pushed to the forefront of these issues because it is the dominant service.

You just have to report these people and eventually they will be banned. M$ can't just go banning people over one or two complaints. People could make things up and try to ban someone "just because". Maybe it doesn't need to be as high as "10", I think lowering the number down to "5" incidents would suffice. At least if it were "5" of the same exact complaint.

poos33931d ago

look at lamback another racist that think he can kil me >?hahah au fool remeber u can be killed also go to afghanistan and iraq an learn no people can out right kill another people with out dieing ur selves the racist usa kno wthis so they systematically kill /inprison blacks its just a fact dont cry asi said im not talking about zxblive racism the usa is a racist state and think about ur words if all white ppl were racist i wud be dead plz shut urswine mouth next tim u say something liek that u fool if all black were rasict as we are stronger all of u wud be dead as u guys depend on the police to kill blacks while living ur lolipop life p.s im nbot racist i have white freinds

Delive3931d ago

But seeing Live is a paid service, I should have more protection than a free service. MS stance is "Racist pay to, so why ban them?"

TruthbeTold3931d ago

Why don't YOU grow up? A person should not be subjected to any abuse, let alone serious abuse while trying to enjoy a company's service. Child or Adult. Even more so, since it is against the rules of the company to deal out such abuse. Participate in a sporting event, or walk into a restaurant and say some of the crap that gets said on Live. See what happens to you. It is people like that who need to get real, and grow up instead of getting off on their ability to hide behind a computer monitor and treat people like crap.

If Microsoft is serious about this escalating problem, then they will hire listen in mods who sit in on games at random and curb this sort of thing with instant temporary bans of X-amount of days. That BS would stop extremely quickly. Racism and abuse isn't funny, cute, or o.k. Anyone who thinks that it is and displays it, deserves nothing less than to be cut off from the community .

jamesconnellbluenose3929d ago

I dont agree with negative remarks made by people on any gaming platform but the ways and means to mute said people is great. Its easier not to listen to them than to moan..

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donscrillinger3931d ago

i've been on live since the beginning and whit people on there try too get there rocks off by saying racist shyt on live cuz they know they cant say shyt like that in person.yellow belly cowards ...fasho

mighty_douche3931d ago

isnt that a slightly racist remark?

Eitherway, everyone is as bad as each other, the partite ended sometime ago.

allforcalisto3931d ago

i wouldn't have put it in the way he did.

But lazily saying "oh well everyone's racist" is cowardly and it just another attempt at side-stepping a really ugly and persistent issue. These kids on live identify themselves as white and are racist/homophobic and sexist.
This isn't to say that in the world in general whites have more of a likelihood of being racist. But i think it'd be a good idea if you read up on the creation of race, and racism and consider the fact that you have infinitely more race based jokes about ethnic minorities (especially black people) than you do for whites.

On live, (and on the internet in general) because most people on game forums and things like live are white, that kind of animalistic bullshit festers. I love how on youtube you'll get a video of a random black person, or asian and you're guranteed a racist comment lol.

resident evil 5 gave us another good insight into how ugly the gaming community can be. People saying crap like "man can wait to kill me some N******"

Gta san andreas was another good example. you got kids b**ching going "i dont wanna play as a black guy/racial epiteth". and saying really inane crap like, "oh this game is racist cause the main character keeps killing white people"...ummmmm what?! he kills ALL people, like every gta protagonist. this assertion was usually used by tools in response to people saying resi 5 was racist.

ask yourself why you, (or no one for that matter) didnt take issue with the choice of topic picture. (klu klux klan).

rant over. ^__^

poos33931d ago

its only whit eppl i here on live trying to be racist some uk white but 90% amrican white people atre alwsy racist on the net and on live and yes its not only kids its 25 -30 yr old white men that are always racist ive never heard a girl be racist but when they try call me a racist word i just own them back withthe same medicine sometimes i laugh as whit eppl think its only them that can be racist in real life i would cave in their faces if they said anything but the net is for cowards so i let them be

poos33931d ago

90% of white people are racist thi sis something we nigerians are thought and no very well how to deal with them smile at their face as they smile at our faces but get what we can from their countrys +)

Iamback3931d ago


Is 90% of white people were racist you would be dead by now. Do you realize how stupid you sound by saying that? There are racist people on all sides and please dont try to sell me crap theory that only white folks are racist on xbox live. I was insulted many times by blacks, latinos, asians.
Sure maybe it seems that there is more white racists on live but that is mostly because there are more white kids that own consoles.

And cure your complexes.

Ashta3931d ago


Allow me to take a moment to educate you about certain aspects regarding the topic at hand.

1) Racism - This is a word that really gets tossed around a lot. Gets tossed around so much that people really don't remember what it means anymore. A racist (or person who practices racism) is someone who feels that their racial origin is vastly superior than another. If a person said to you "I'm better than you because I'm white" then you would be correct in calling them a racist. Which brings me to my next point

2) It's not racism it is discrimination - Despite what the mainstream media outlets or your vastly underqualified teachers might tell you they are NOT the same thing. A person can be discriminated against for anything: Hair, teeth shape, deformaties, skin color, gender, type of clothes worn, etc etc etc. This is the most frequent type of harassment that happens on LIVE and PSN. People will make off-color comments towards other people but even as wretched as it may sound it still falls within the same catagory as discrimination. Well, the "lynch" comment made by someone can be argued against, but other than that its still discrimination.

3) Discrimination is the fault of society and stereotypes - Yes, that statement is true. WE have created our own brands of discrimination against other people because of the trends we see in society. Which also brings me to the next statement of: "if its true then its not wrong." That is a -duh- statement but if you really think about it you'll probably see what i'm trying to say. Ignorant masses will spout out derrogatory comments towards other ethnic groups because of the stereotypes that said ethnic backgrounds have created. Black people are not the only people who suffer from ignorant discrimination. We all have to share our own brand of attacks from people who are ignorant and uneducated.

Do I believe that anyone should be discriminated against? No. Do I believe that any one racial background is special enough that they should receive special treatment just BECAUSE they are discriminated against? HELL no.

I mean, if I took your or this kids path of trying to seek "justice" because of what a bunch of idiots online said then I could probably bring....oh....all of western europe, the northern half of the US, mexico, russia, and pretty much ALL of the western half of the US to court because I was "offended".

I've been called (just on Warhawk and COD4 alone): Stupid american, redneck, cracker, honkey, I've had countless verbal attacks from people who have berated me CONSTANTLY just because I A)speak english B) am from America. C) because I'm white.

And lets not even go in to how many times I've been screamed at in languages I can't understand. Except for russian: I know that language and, even though the guy in COD4 didnt know it, I knew exactly what he thought of me and my "[BEEP]ing country"

So, yeah. Your not alone in this boat of offensive rhetoric. the only difference is that I, and many others, realize that the people saying these retarded and ignorant things are DOUCHEBAGS and should never, ever, EVER be taken seriously.


poos33931d ago

im not racist but lambacki think u are i hate racsit people i dont blame them but their disgusting parents that shud be burnt alive lamback read my above comment

ASSASSYN 36o3931d ago

I never had any race other than white males call me the n word. It has been that way since the day I beta tested xbox-live. I sit in private chat only on halo 3 because of the racist comments are so numerous to the point it affects weather I win or lose. Racism is built from fear of the un-known.

TruthbeTold3931d ago

When white people make comments like those being made on Live, they ARE pretty much saying:

"I'm better than you because I'm white"

Not to say that there aren't plenty of racists in other races, but in this case, the return racism is usually coming from a stance of:

"I know you don't like me, so screw you too"

or more generalizations are beget from the idiocy, and you get attitudes like:

"All the white people on here are racists, so I'm going to go off on any of them I come across"

Which continues to feed the problem.

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RIPHDDVD3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

sorry but that's the truth. Xbox Live is nothing but kids. whenever i play Halo 3, it's all kids. further proof that Halo is just a kid's game? look at the colors in the game. look at the stupid looking weapons. look at the story. it's like typical kiddy super hero game. PSN has the MATURE people WITH JOBS that can actually afford the better hardware (PS3)

have fun getting the RROD 360 owners.

Genuine3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

Just created this account this week to troll huh. I see you added a few agree's to your post with you other accounts. Sony fanboys like you are pathetic.

mullet3931d ago

You do realize that this website has a lot of Sony fans... right? I'm new here and even I know that. I don't know why you're surprised. Is it because you're also registered to another website but that one's flooded with 360 fanboys? n4g is different, sorry to say.

Genuine3931d ago

Answering my post with one of your other accounts huh? Priceless.

RIPHDDVD3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

haha stupid xbot dont be mad that this site isnt like gamespot or gametrailers filled with you gay losers

mullet3931d ago

So 9 people agreed with RIPHDDVD's post and you think they all came from the same person? You're an idiot.

You've made it pretty obvious that you're a 360 owner accusing n4g members of having multiple accounts just because just because they get an Agree with the things that you disagree with. That's pretty pathetic.

MadMax3931d ago

ASHTA that was brilliant, so frikin true. To TruthbeTold you really need to read what hes saying because its truth and what you are doing is part of the problem. I can sit here and say the same [email protected] about mostly Hispanics trash talking on whites and blacks mostly because they do. Do i let it get to me? Hell no, what would be the point? Like he says Do Not take what people say on there seriously, Do Not. Ignore it, prolly the best thing you can do. Nobody likes to be ignored do they? Mainstream America has brainwashed todays youth, dont buy into it man. Good luck!

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