Videogamer: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Preview

Perhaps more than any other genre, fighting games have an unwritten duty to keep one foot in the past. While there's always a demand for new mechanics and systems, fans also want their old characters to return with their iconic moves and strategies in tact. The developers of such games are therefore tasked with occupying an uneasy middle ground.

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BiggCMan2413d ago

I have to say, after getting tired of so many fighters in the last 12 months or so, this is the only one that I am legitimately interested in heavily (however I haven't played SFxTK yet, I have heard great things about it though). I loved the first game all those years ago, so I hope this turns out to be just as awesome!

zero_cool2413d ago

Fighting games need destructible environments, destructible environmental objects,environmental hazards,bonus rounds,deep customization options,unlockables ect...just like fighting games use to have.

P.S..optional features that you can turn off or on & or change on the fly.

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

tarbis2412d ago

Can't wait for this game to come to PS3. Been playing TTT2 Unlimited in the arcades and loving it. And I'm running out of cash too X_X

aDDicteD2412d ago

cant wait! so many fighting games recently and many are still coming, but i have some time for this one cause it's tekken! ^_^ looking forward to this one!