What does Blu-ray winning mean to the PS3 and gamers?

Sure, the big talk is that Blu-ray winning could mean a PS3 price cut, but that'll only benefit those who don't already have the latest console Kutaragi built. For consumers with a PS3 snug at home, they should breathe a little easier knowing they won't have to buy another HD movie player in the near future. But what do the boys with the crystal balls think?

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Apocalypse Shadow3986d ago

bigger games.

more sound on one disc.

more languages on one disc.and not microsoft's thought that america,english and fps(s) only matter.

more animation,textures and gameplay on one disc.

more commentary for sports.who want's to hear the same madden comments over and over?even nfl 2k5 had it right years ago.

more video.better high def video.

bigger levels.

more support from devs because they don't have to cut corners as much.

better scratch resistant coating.

not having to get up to change a disc like 2 generations ago.

more movies to watch because we can if you have ps3.the possibility of getting the movie and the game.....ON ONE DISC.stranglehold anyone?

yup.bluray's eventual win means a great deal when thought of clearly.

mag lev......................

P4KY B3986d ago

Your answer should have been.

More investment in PS3 associated projects. Therefore more games on the horizon.

Greater acceptance of the PS3 by non hardcore gamers.

More profit for Sony and as a result lower prices on PS3 coming sooner.

tatotiburon3985d ago

and whay heavenly sword is only had 6hr gameplay?

poos33985d ago

to make bigger games all u need is bigger ram haha and amazing devs u can find this in games like hal03 the features that game has leaves other games to dust /oblvion over 200hrs o gameplay assassins creed looks astonishing and has a massvie sandbox world/mass effect the scope of that game dwarfs all others so no blue ray wont give u bigger games liek what were seen heavenlysword /warhawk restricted to only multiplayer/u get my drift ?

doublertist3985d ago

your an idiot...warhawk was designed as a multiplayer game and imo is the best multiplayer game online right now, halo is good but only as a multiplayer game but what did they do thats inovative in halo 3? 200 hours of gameplay? did you even play it or were you the retarded spawn of some kokless mS executive?

Lucreto3985d ago

The games are always short in the beginning with the extra cost of a new engine being developed with that cost out of the way they will improve the engine and make the game longer.

Heavenly Sword was just the right length. It could of got boring if it was longer. Try and watch Lord of the Rings from start to finish and tell be how you feel.

As for Halo it was all brute force and no brains in terms of Ram. Thats why the Ai is crap and everything was so shiny

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YoMeViet3986d ago

cheaper Blu-Ray dise anyone?

mighty_douche3985d ago

Well i hoped it ment that we might of had enough f*cking DVD threads but i guess i was wrong..... *sigh*

Whoooop3985d ago



No serioulsy.. you guys got owned so bad it's not even funny


revsnake3985d ago

lol @ mighty yea we arnt that lucky
mabe they will do a victory lap and cut prices or give new ps3 owners a free blue ray movie

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The story is too old to be commented.