Most gamers secretly love The Sims

Brady Ruiters from ITF Gaming writes: "While talking to a friend recently, the topic of The Sims came up in conversation. It’s not a topic that really comes up often when discussing video games; however, it is one that got me thinking. I admit, the concept of creating a virtual life for yourself probably doesn’t seem very appealing when compared to action-type genres like First-Person Shooters or Role-Playing Games, but it is one that can be quite addictive."

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TenSteps2752d ago

Considering the amount of heat Sims articles get and the lack of comments that go with it I'm guessing this is pretty accurate.

user54670072752d ago

I love the Sims

I just hate how console owners get crappy dumb down Sim games. I mean we havent even had any decent DLC for it (£7.99 for funiture...WTF) and lets not forget we havent even gotten Sims Medievil yet. With current hardware on consoles, Sims games shouldn't be dumbed down, it's not like they are games designed to push PC hardware with the best specs. They still have loading times to get to one place to the next, the only improvment in the Sims 3 was you had 3-4 hours around your house, you still couldn't walk into town.

Enchik2752d ago

Somebody tell me if it's true that sims can now leave a swimming pool even without a pool ladder

-Gespenst-2752d ago

Yeah I mean they're good games, if a little, no, very frustrating.

mushroomwig2752d ago

I've always loved the Sims, I still remember those all-nighters caused by the first game. Ahh memories. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.