Square Enix Teasing New Game for iOS and Android

The text at the top asks, presumably by one of the girls to the left, "How do I become a true maiden?"

The answer to that question (and possibly more questions like it!) comes this summer!

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Jourdy2882364d ago

Huh. I wonder if it'll come out in English...

Draperc2364d ago

in before "ANOTHER GAME? WHERE THE **** IS VERSUS 13 SQUARE ENIX?!" comments.

--Onilink--2364d ago

by now they are probably making versus 13 for iphone as well..... thats all they seem to release for these days...

catfrog2363d ago

im never really sure why they dont release their android games on psn and whatever nintendos download service is also, i dont buy games for my phone, but i would buy chaos rings if i could play it on vita