“The Unfinished Swan” Will Feature Optional Move Support

"Ian Dallas’ four year labour of love appears to be nearing fruition, with rumours of a review this week or the next circulating over the last few days."

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sinncross2388d ago

Man this has the potential to be really creepy.

interesting gameplay design though. Want to see the reveal trailer now Santa Monica!!!

jthamind2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

the game looks really unique, creative, and thought-provoking from an intellectual standpoint, but let's face it--if all you're doing is pressing a single button over and over to throw paint, it's going to get old within the first 10 minutes.

portal_22388d ago

Wasn't this a Wii game at one point? Looks interesting.

Knushwood Butt2387d ago

Never heard of this, but that looks pretty cool.

Sure, just firing blobs of paint will get repetitive but it will be interesting to see where they take it. For example, the change from white rooms to black exteriors was a cool touch.

I'll be supporting this one. Will be a reason to dust off the Move too. Actually, quite a lot of Move supported games coming out soon, which is good.

Raoh2387d ago

If you have move, use move first. Its easy to be turned of by a motion game if you start with the controller first.

It will lack the desired experience.