Eurogamer Face-Off: Prototype 2


Prototype 2 may not be Activision's biggest-selling franchise by any stretch, nor is it necessarily the most original pitch likely to have sounded through their corporate boardrooms. A sandbox superhero game based in an apocalyptic New York, where the end-game is to thwart a government conspiracy determined to experiment on its citizens? Lovely - why not? The narrative set-up is structurally sound; a safe, sturdy foundation to build on for the writers, while the tech side sees big improvements courtesy of the new Titanium Engine 2.0. Judging by the quality of the end result, it appears to have been worth the effort.

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suicidalblues2750d ago

Don't understand why the 360 has so much screen tear. I thought the single grouped ram made tearing easier to eliminate, according to many other game comparisons. Also Also of note is that there's the runoff area (10% or so of an image is actually above screen, so you don't actually see it, even though it shows up in testing). Bummer that they didn't optimize to eliminate it.

M1chl2750d ago

Thats not entirely true actually. You can't do a triple buffer v-sync on 360 due to limited graphics memory (only 10MB, but super fast). So with this in mind, its easier to do vsync on PS3 without radical loss in FPS when HW can't render it on target framerate...

chukamachine2750d ago

Also the softening effect you will not really notice on your tv depending on your settings, should always be set to gamer and increase sharpness if needed.

axerated2750d ago

Not used to seeing the ps3 version come out on top. At all... Good parity by activision I guess

CGI-Quality2750d ago

Plenty of PS3 versions that are better. Nothing new.