5 videogame climaxes that are better than Mass Effect 3′s ending

GTM: As the gaming community comes to grips with the polarising ending of Mass Effect 3, we take a look at 5 videogame endings that do it better

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2pacalypsenow2760d ago

Me 3 ending sucked . i don't even remember the games as much as i remembered ME2 it took me over a month to beat it cuz i had no interest to play it :-(

Hicken2760d ago

I'm just happy to see FFVIII get the recognition it deserves, instead of it being relegated to its predecessor as per usual.

Feylynn2760d ago

I can't think of five that had 'worse' endings.

Title too stupid, can't even bring self to navigate to actual site.

TheFirstClassic2760d ago

Worse endings? The title says better endings, not worse. Not sure why you would need to make a list like this anyway, I haven't played ME3 but if it is as bad as everyone says it is just about any game can beat it.

EmperorDalek2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

ME3 has the worst ending i've ever seen. It makes no sense, provides no closure, it needs DLC to either clarify or continue it, and it ruins replayability for the rest of the epic trilogy in the space of 15 minutes. ME1&2 had extremelly satisfying endings, ME3 left me thinking "what just happened?" as soon as I beat it.

Here's a challenge. Find 5 game endings that are worse.

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