The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Kinect Update Now Live Worldwide

Bethesda Softworks announced this morning that the eagerly awaited Kinect update for the Xbox 360 version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim would launch today, and now Electronic Theatre has received confirmation that the download is available in all territories with access to the Xbox LIVE network. The update is free to all, and will commence automatically when next loading The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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GamingPerson2761d ago ShowReplies(2)
Hellsvacancy2761d ago

So hav you got to play this standin up? i dont think id want to play Skyrim for 4 hours if ive got to stand up

Im askin an honest question, ive never used Kinect,

mcnablejr2761d ago

No, it does not require you to be standing, it is only making use of the microphone, as you would see if you watched the demonstration video.

Pillville2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Skyrim is only using the voice recognition (like Mass Effect 3 did). There's no motion control feature, so no standing is required.

EDIT: mcnablejr beat me to it.

mcnablejr2761d ago

sorry dude, you beat me to it , you just didn't do it in a reply, seconds apart =p

VanillaBear2761d ago

Yeah...thats really...erm.....nice



ANYWAY about the DLC

I can't believe they wasted man power on this, was it really that needed...was it even requested. We could of had the DLC by now

mcnablejr2761d ago

yeah i guess that would be the case, if they only had ONE team of people working on ONE thing at a time, but you are obviously joking if you think ALL of their manpower/time is invested in one thing at a time.


Pillville2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

edit: (double post)

edit again: why can't I delete a comment? One of my few bubbles have been wasted. You'd think that if it lets me edit, it would let me delete. dumb.

EffectO2761d ago

Nice.People impressions are pretty good.

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