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redDevil872752d ago

That's the most generic box art i've ever seen lol.

Convas2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Man in darkness clings to gun. Sunlight bathes him glory. He looks down, wondering why he must feature in yet another pasty-looking, technically outdated game. He considers the gun in his hand, for purposes other than shooting the enemy ...

redDevil872752d ago

He pulls the trigger in attempt to kill himself, only to realise the bulltes will be arriving via DLC for $15 each.

WeskerChildReborned2752d ago

Lol i just noticed that since MW2, All the box arts have one guy with a gun in his hand or guns in his hand.

Lucretia2752d ago

for a generic game it makes sense

GraveLord2752d ago

No, it actually looks really cool.

It would be the most epic box art in the world but you would say it sucks just because its Call of Duty. Grow up troll. Get a life.

Frenza2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Since I can't report: This is a duplicate of this one

Edit: cant = can't

Lucretia2752d ago

why is it considered news when a COD game is announced?

im sure we can already confirm ourselves that COD:MW900 and Blackops 571 will come out so no need to confirm or TRY to build up hype. Thats like Confirming the next madden game

aviator1892752d ago

I'm interested, but I'm not planning on buying this one.

sycnation2752d ago

If I may be permitted ...

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