IPTV for Xbox 360 disappoints, 10 Jan 2008:

At first sight the recently announced deal between Microsoft and BT allowing UK Xbox 360 gamers to access BT Vision through their console seems like a win-win situation.

However, look a bit closer and things aren't all they seem.

Here's the catch...

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WilliamRLBaker5441d ago

Seems like more of a BT vision problem then an microsoft problem, it will get straightened out it all ways does.

Biphter5441d ago

Its both their faults. BT want their own STB in the equation and Microsoft let them do that. What SHOULD have happened is MS or BT made their own USB add on Tuner box to complete the missing part for the Xbox 360. All that the BT box has that Xbox 360 hasn't is the tuners. It seems ridiculous really that you have to have all that crap BT hardware strapped to the Xbox 360, it makes it a rather unelegant solution.

Realistically what SHOULD happen is BT stream freeview over IP, thats the whole point of IPTV, but it seems they aren't willing to cut their own throats and make their own boxes redundant.

This solution is like taking a box running a system like Netfilx (but with tv on demand access instead of films) and sellotaping it to a digibox. Beautiful!

wageslave5440d ago


"What SHOULD have happened is MS or BT made their own USB add on Tuner box to complete the missing part for the Xbox 360"

Why would you want a 'console specific' add on for tuning? You can already buy Radio and TV tuners for your PC, then you use Windows Media Center for the PVR / live TV tuning.

CableCARD is also avaliable now (or soon).

Further these guys seem to be missing something fundemental about what this is going to do.

Get out of the PVR "i schedule and record what i want to watch" old-frame-of-mind. That is the past.

The future is this, via Xbox 360 IPTV:
"I select whatever I want to watch from a menu". Its the holy-grail nirvana of the modern digital age. There is no "broadcast".

mighty_douche5441d ago

No? Another M$ product disappoints? never....

azedean5441d ago

Surprise??? It is Microsoft...

lockload5441d ago

Its called my freeview PVR that i bought from argos 12 months ago for £80, playtv is doing nothing new

masterg5441d ago

You're right.. It does nothing new. Just like the IPTV is available elsewhere.
But the PlayTV does what it does very well. And unlike other DVRs it is future proof. (exchangeable TV Tuners)

Biphter5441d ago

Does your £80 freeview PVR allow you to watch one channel whilst record on another? i.e. does it have TWO tuners? also is it capable of processing a HD freeview signal (when they are available)? PlayTV will.

rofldings5440d ago

Does it let you watch livetv and your entire library of shows/movies on your PSP via remote play?

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holdaway5441d ago

Seems all very pointless. IPTV if you have BT Broadband, else don't bother! Very disappointed indeed.

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The story is too old to be commented.