Belkin FlyWire: HDMI goes wireless

Asia CNET reports on HDMI technology which is sure to interest all HD gamers around the world:

It's a common dilemma: You have the flat-panel TV perfectly placed in the living room or home theater, but the rest of your gear is located halfway across the room. You can snake a long HDMI cable around the perimeter--or you can consider something like the Belkin FlyWire. The transmitter/receiver combo lets you toggle up to six HDMI sources and wirelessly transmit audio and video--up to full 1080p--from one side of the room (your equipment rack) to the other (your big-screen TV or projector). The generous connectivity means even the biggest home theater geek will have the capacity for all of his gear--say, a PS3, Xbox 360 Elite, DVD recorder, HD-DVD player, and a home theater PC. Setup is said to be plug-and-play (the transmitter pairs with the receiver at the touch of a button), and because it's a closed system, it should be universally compatible with any HDMI source and TV. Belkin isn't specifying the range--yet--but hints that the system will work "throughout the home." On the downside, the fact that it's HDMI only means you'll need some sort of analog-to-digital converter for analog only video sources such as the Nintendo Wii (most newer mid- to high-end AV receivers will handle the job). Look for the FlyWire to hit US stores by summer 2008 for US$500 to US$600.

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WilliamRLBaker3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

you gotta be a super gamer geek or super videophile to justify 400-500 dollars just for wireless AV/HDMI.....and unless the quality is exactly as wired...then its not gonna sell.

lol disagreediots

LinuxGuru3931d ago

Damn....this is cool! Unfortunately, I don't have, nor will I have for a long time, the money to buy this.

mighty_douche3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

My console is next to my TV so little need to fork out that sort of money to save a metre cable i cant see anyway.

Plus i already have to many wireless signals penetrating my skull!

smartmart3931d ago

now thats a good solution for my ceiling mounted projector im about to buy. the bill for the wires is more than the cost of this device. i hope that the image quality is equivalent to a wired connection