Tribes Ascend Review - Screw Attack

As a completely free downloadable title, Tribes: Ascend is really good looking. Character models are detailed, making it easy to distinct a light armor class to a heavier one. Even better are the different maps. There isn't a whole lot of variety, as the environments consist of grassy hills, a desert, and a red-hot lava area. The draw distance, however, is impressive. Enemies are always visible no matter how far away they are, and maps are much larger than any other shooter out there.

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DasTier2957d ago

This looks very similar to Halo, especially that gun in the article picture, and of course the colorful look of the game. (That's not a bad thing though)

LightofDarkness2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Tribes was released in '98, with Tribes 2 following in early 2001. It looked quite similar to this. If anything, Halo probably borrowed much of Tribes' aesthetic, it being one of the most revolutionary and popular FPS games of the time.

DasTier2957d ago

I'm not saying it copied Halo at all, I'm just stating the resemblance. I've never heard of tribes, but if its been around since 98 then it probably helped inspire halos art direction.

Basjohn2957d ago

The Tribes series is older than Halo so the idea theft is in reverse you'll find.