Microsoft Corporation registers domain names for 'Xbox Summer Stadium App'

Microsoft has picked up two new domain names this week hinting at an upcoming 'Summer Stadium' app for the Xbox. On April 30, 2012, Microsoft registered the hyphenated domains, and, through the internet brand protection company MarkMonitor. With baseball season in full swing, now is as good a time as any to release a stadium app for the Xbox. But it's unknown at this time whether this app will be for sports or music concerts taking place this summer.

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Nodoze2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

It is going to be really interesting to see what Microsoft brings to E3 this year. Some non gaming related announcements like this are sure to be the focal point. What about the games?

Gears of War 4? Halo 4? Fable 4? Forza 5? Kinect this and that.

Seems the behemoth has well and truly run out of steam.

So what are core gamers playing on the 360?

jdktech20102756d ago

Witcher 2 and Halo: Reach right now (still as fun as ever to me btw), Gears 3, ME3

There's plenty for 360 owners to play as well as PS3 owners (MLB 12: The Show for me atm)

Everyone don't worry

xAlmostPro2756d ago

fable will most likely be for the the next consoles launch so no doubt, they'll run halo4, forza, kinect kinect kinect, boast about new services that are free elsewhere and then a bunch of multi-plat games. Mostly black ops 2..

sorry but it's true, the last 2 E3's by microsoft have been poor, i can't see this one being better not when the chances of a new console being announced next year.

Nothing brings more hype than a new console

ChunkyLover532756d ago

Well I'm not sure if people think if there isn't a new game out every month people just throw out the older games or something?

Right now on PS3 I'm heavily into Resistance 3 online and I'm on my 3rd playthrough of Journey, on my Xbox 360 I've been plowing through The Witcher 2 and Trials Evolution, though I still play Gears 3 online as well. My Wii has been getting lots of use from Xenoblade Chronicles.

Point is, I don't think people stop playing a game so quickly these days. If you want to find matches on Red Dead or GTA4, you still can. There is pretty much always something for someone to do when it comes to gaming.

Wikkid6662756d ago

It's going to be an Olympics app. Should be pretty cool if you are interested in the summer games.

mr_badhand2756d ago

There should be a Live app to play fantasy games like Baseball, Football or Basketball and Hockey.

I guess Soccer too but im not to familiar with all the world roster's.

Wikkid6662756d ago

I'm sure they will be coming. The UFC app is interactive so it can be done. They just have to work out the the licensing agreements.

iamlegend99992756d ago

Lol, everyone's talking about E3 now since it just hit may. I'm stoked to. Can't wait for some big announcement to just blow my mind/