GT Academy 2012 Launches Today in 15 Countries, Available as Free Download

A free Gran Turismo mini-game goes live today, offering players the chance to compete for a real racing career.

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waltyftm2752d ago

Great stuff, even though i know i wont be coming in first, i definitely wont be last.

Larry L2751d ago

Yea, I would never expect to get that high in the rankings. As of now my highest spot is in the 300s and the rest are around the 1000 area. But that was last night, I'm sure I'm lower on all of them by now.

But that's fine. I know I'd never be able to qualify for the show. It's time based, and I don't have a steering wheel, so I've got no chance. So I'm not in it for the times, as long as I clear the events with all Gold to get the free new DLC cars to use in GT5 I'm happy. I'm looking forward to seeing what other cars we're going to get.

On a side note about GT5 and this event, GT5 obviously is about to get an update to be able to use the new cars you unlock in GT Academy at some point fairly soon. Well on the GT Academy Nurburgring section, does anyone else notice how much nicer looking that section of Nurb looks? I wonder if these improvements will be added to GT5's Nurburgring when the new content is patched in.

VonBraunschweigg2750d ago

I just finished that challenge on the Nordschleife, after reading your comment, and although it looks great and a bit different indeed, I think it's the lightning that does it, the 'angle of the sun' is different compared to all the races (non 24H) on Nordschleife in the regular GT5. But I hope I'm wrong and you're right. We'll see:)

VonBraunschweigg2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Downloading right now:) It's 3021 MB, a lot bigger than 2010's GT Academy, that was 200-300 MB. Plenty of time to install my Fanatec wheelstand and GT5 wheel, a good & affordable combo I would like to say. Dubai here I come=)

Probably three weeks of watching the #1 ghostcar slowly but steadily increase the gap just like last time, but fun nonetheless.

Edit: almost 8 weeks, untill june 24. Cool, this & Starhawk next week, good times.

Jls12751d ago

So far so good lol, golded the first two rounds. I hope ill be able to gold rounds 3-4 with ds3 too.

neoMAXMLC2750d ago

Getting gold on all these events with the DS3 is easy. But holy hell are some of these people good.... You'll still be thrown in 30,000th place with a gold ranking.. Lol

MrDead2751d ago

This is where a force feedback wheel comes so handy, being able to feeling the road and knowing if you’re pushing a corner too hard. May only give you a few tenth's advantage but sometimes that’s all you need.

Me-Time2751d ago

Plus, there's no better feeling when playing games like this with a steering wheel. It feels really stale to me when using a controller now.