Call of Duty to grace Aussie TVs Wednesday night

While big televised game reveals might be common place in the United States, they've been slow to catch on in other parts of the world - so it's a big deal that Activision has splashed out, booking a little airtime to show off its latest baby.

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ritsuka6662757d ago

hype hype hype hype!

So I am very excited for this game..Plus it is Treyarch so I am more hyped.

megaworm252757d ago

the last time i saw an ad for a video game on tv in the land of OZ was for GTA: San Andreas

jessupj2757d ago

Yeah, it's funny. I never see any ads for video games here in Australia.

AusRogo2756d ago

The last time I saw one was for gears 3 I think? On Austar though.. Havent seen any on digital tv yet