The Hunger Games Would Be the Best MMO Ever

Scott breaks down why The Hunger Games would be the best MMO ever!

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Regent_of_the_Mask2758d ago

It wasn't even a good movie so how would it be the best MMO ever?

BiggCMan2758d ago

Typical to think a movie represents what the real thing was all about :D Try reading the book before you jump to conclusions!

Angels37852758d ago

^I did. I even know who Madge Undersee...who is not in the movie. Still doesn't change the fact that the film adaptation was not good and that the books are not as original as they are made out to be...

Lucretia2758d ago

The books were great, whether the premise isnt 100% original its still a great book, great twist, great events, uncliche.

you cant say the same thing about many other books or movies/games.

just because HG is a Colesium type Setting doesnt mean its un original either, although only morons say its a battle royal rip off since they dont understand that a colesium setting is always a colesium setting.

the world of Panem was unique, the events and world situation was unique, the characters were great.

BUT yeah to be an mmo.....absolutely not. Maybe some king of action/survival game sure yet would still be tough.

and saying you know who madge is isnt saying much. shes like in the first chapter of the book. have you read all the books? because it eventually does break off of that Colesium aspect and switches to war

Angels37852757d ago

^yes I've read em all...I simply mentioned her because it proves that I know an intricate part/person in the book, that wasn't included in the film.

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Angels37852758d ago

No...this article could apply to any action movie.