Fans Want Stephanie McMahon In WWE '13

With the strong rumor that WWE '13 will have an Attitude era theme, who better to be in the game than Stephanie McMahon?

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mr_badhand2755d ago

She was some hot muffins and stuffins back int he attitude era.

Then HHH got a hold of her.

DasTier2755d ago

and absolutely, positively, utterly destroyed her. Hell he probably lost a sledgehammer or 2 in there :P

ATi_Elite2755d ago

She use to be HOT!

Now she's NOT!

Loved the Attitude Era!

DasTier2755d ago

So we can hit some pandas with steel chairs? :P

Enigma_20992755d ago

Of all the things they need to add to the WWE games, people are complaining about THIS?!?!?

Call me when they add a competent career mode.