Is Sony about to own E3?

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or "E3", as we all know it, is the "big one" of video game conferences. Every year thousands of media, potential investors and retailers embark on The City of Angels in Southern California, as the industry's biggest publishers showcase their most exciting games across three epic Los Angeles Convention Center floors.
This year's event is fast approaching, and with only five weeks to go it's already shaping up to be one of the biggest and best E3 events we've seen for a while. Nintendo is poised to showcase Wii U, which is surely enough reason to pay attention to the epic three-day event.
Sony is also set to have a big showing as the showroom doors open on June 6, with a number of exciting exclusives, potential blockbusters and new reveals sure to reinvigorate an arguably dry time for gamers.
Can Sony make E3 2012 its own?

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Snookies122751d ago

I believe it can... I mean, they've been announcing new exclusives left and right, that they could have saved for E3. They must have something big planned if they can just throw something like Battle Royal out before E3 even.

Abash2751d ago

They're already owning the Holiday season for me with PlayStation All-Stars and Sly: Thieves in Time

GribbleGrunger2751d ago

i agree, and i think that is exactly why they did the same last year. Sony basically get a free month of game promotion while the other two companies wait to unveil their biggies at E3.

if you're not obsessed with 'winning' E3 (as some fanboys are) and just take these announcements for what they are, then the excitement lasts 3 to 4 weeks instead of 3 to 4 days. i prefer it this way, but i'm also sure that Sony will still have some interesting announcements at E3 too

DoctorXpro2751d ago

Is Sony about to own E3?

Like every year THEY say

ABizzel12751d ago

Either Sony or Nintendo

Game4life2751d ago

all stars, bioshock,and little big planet karting for me (though bioshock is not ex clusive)

showtimefolks2751d ago

here is my E3:

1. we will see some gameplay for last of us.

2. we will get either an update on last guardian or new news at all till TGS

3. all star battle royal release date and more characters(i don't know about y'all but i think launching this game in Q1 2013 is better than launching it in busy fall what y'all think?

4. more single and multiplayer news about god of war

5. new info on SLY 4(this is also one of the games that i think can do a lot better if launched in 2013 or launch it before the whole fall big hitter)

6. ratchet and clank hd collection trailer

7. and this maybe a surprise syphon filter

to be honest with you that might be all for ps3, just like last year most of their E3 will be about VITA.

also expect to hear nothing about anything related to ps4 nothing ZERO.

I think it will be a smart choice if sony introduces a new VITA bundle with system,memory stick and one or two games for a good price point.

Here is what i am hoping for:

agent new

bioshock move gameplay trailer/or live on stage presentation

ff 13 versus any news

kingdom hearts hd collection

gta hd collection

news from QD on their next game after heavy rain

news from sony bend studio about their next project

also valve might announce LFD3 how about LFD 1-2 with all its DLC on one disk for 39.99?

as much as fanboys talk about winning E3 to me sny has won the last 4 because they show us games,games and more games and as a gamer that's all i want them to do.

what are sucker punch working on?

Septic2751d ago

Looks at headline....looks at source.....looks at hypocrisy in comments section......looks at date for E3.........looks at the little information available on E3.......

........loses faith in mankind.


Le sigh.....

tokugawa2751d ago

are sony buying e3? if they are about to own it, then one must assume that they are therefore about to buy it!!

badz1492751d ago

I can't see how Sony will under deliver in this year's E3 like they always do these past years!

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-Superman-2751d ago

It depends do Sony again talk and talk, or shows some games.
Its easy to win E3, by just showing so much games as you can.
Showing some games and just talk and talk wont give you win.

Sony has so many games, but they talk sometime too much.

Hoje03082751d ago

Yeah, people that talk to the point of redundancy sure are annoying...

princejb1342751d ago

isn't that the point to show what games you have coming up

Lilioups2751d ago

they always owned E3 dunno what the hell ur talking about

jerethdagryphon2751d ago

when is e3 cause r&C is due out this month i think

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BlmThug2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Well it depends on if Sony reveals new hardware or not cos Nintendo is fully unveiling the Wii U and well a hardware unveiling or showcasing always trumps a revealing of new software. Also if MS announce the next xbox, well then MS will 'own' E3

Prince_Dim-Lu2751d ago

To answer the article title.

No.. they are not set to own E3.

no new generation console from MS or Sony equals not owning E3.

wolokowoh2751d ago

If Nintendo does not have more than one of the following: Metroid, Zelda, Smash Bros., or 3D Mario(Mario 64/Mario Galaxy style) gameplay on 3DS and/or Wii U, then Sony pretty much has it wrapped from previous announcements alone. Microsoft may have something but the past couple of years have had no real surprises and too much focus on casual instead of hardcore franchises. The least they could do is make a new Killer Instinct/Rare title and promote their XBLA lineup which compromised most of their good exclusives last year.

TheLastGuardian2751d ago

If they spend the majority of their press conference showing off first party titles for PS3 and Vita, Sony will most definitely win E3 2012.

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ElementX2751d ago

I think it's amusing that people actually care who "owns" or "wins" a conference.

Snookies122751d ago

I agree it's stupid to say who "won" E3. Though you have to admit, sometimes companies fall short on what should be a big event, while others bring a lot more to the table. Sometimes all of them suck, sometimes all of them are great.

Highlife2751d ago

I don't care who wins. But I think you can lose and look bad. Nintendo a couple of years ago was just awful with that Nintendo music band up on stage. That year you could say they lost.

raytraceme2751d ago

better than just gloating about sales numbers in the u.s. ;)

2751d ago
sinncross2751d ago

I guess its fun to watch all the conferences and determine on a qualitative and quantitative who had the best showing.

I mean, I only care about the Sony one's but I like watching MS and Nintendo and being like 'oohhhh, that game looks good' and just have a general fun chat with friends about each good point and bad point from all showings.

Convas2751d ago

This, that, more.

+1 for Well said.

f7897902751d ago

Definitely. The best wtf moment ever was when Microsoft did the cirque du soleil performance. Very entertaining.

A-Glorious-Dawn2751d ago

Exactly my view.. It's more of an interest for what the coming years will bring, and who will bring the content more to your tastes....

I can say without shame that I look forward to Sony's showing above the other two, but will also watch them all to see if MS or Ninty can entice me with some nice surprises.....

CommonSense2751d ago

there are a lot of really sad, pathetic people out there who's entire self worth is built around the accomplishments/success of some company or other people.

it's super depressing, and it's becoming true for more and more people. i'm sorry for them.

nolifeking2751d ago

almost as amusing as people who care about the people who care about the people who care about that.

I'm smart look at me. Everybody wins....... Fu*king spare me.

ArtificiallyYours2751d ago

E3 is a hallmark for educating us on the future, however it's the same song for Q1-4 conferences. Nobody should expect somebody to aim for domination. It's just what ends up happening I guess.

SilentNegotiator2751d ago

Yeah, it's funny how some people don't mind discussing who had the best showing at a game conference. How awful.


TheLyonKing2751d ago

It's good for the consumer, its such a big thing and the big 3 are well aware a lot of eyes will be on them, if they can "win" then they have won a lot of people over.

Yes i find it stupid that people argue over it but it makes the big 3 fight and release some big guns.

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Godmars2902751d ago

Its likely Sony's to lose, but then given we're talking more about a PR contest, Nintendo or MS could easily pull off a style over substance move. Its what MS did with Kinect afterall.

Wintersun6162751d ago

Well, I guess a bad style is a style too. *shrugs*

Shok2751d ago

They have a potentially VERY impressive line-up.

But it will be extremely hard to upstage a new console with never-before-seen games. New consoles are always the most exciting things possible.

BitbyDeath2751d ago

Pretty much this, unless Sony show off the PS4 I doubt they'd be able to beat Nintendo.

Kingdom Come2751d ago

Not necessarily, look at the progression in technological achievement in videogames in the past year alone, I don't think we NEED a new Playstation as much as we need a new Nintendo console, let's be honest, from what we've seen the WiiU is just catching up to the 360 and PS3...

VsAssassin2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

I have nothing against Nintendo or the Wii U for that matter, but I doubt an HD console from Nintendo will upstage the PS3 or the 360 since these two consoles were HD to begin with. And I believe Nintendo is about 4-5 years a bit too late in the HD era. However, the Wii U is most welcome. I for one can't wait to see Zelda and Mario in HD.

By the time Nintendo is lavishing in its HD glory, the PS3 and the 360 have already released new consoles.

About E3: Yeah, I want Sony to announce a new IP or two that we haven't heard of yet. Like a complete shocker, perhaps? They don't have to win anything, they just have to appreciate the fans by giving us what we want, which, by the way, they've been doing for years now!

Wintersun6162751d ago


*inb4 PC elitists saying "consuls R'nt HD!!11"* :)

Completely agree with you.

BitbyDeath2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

It's not just about the games when it comes to a new console announcement, it's about what the OS can acheive. It's about what exciting new features it may hold (like how it was shown that the tablet can scan items into a game and bring them to life).

It's about the tech.

Games cannot compete against that no matter how good IMO

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vortis2751d ago

Completely agree.

Neither Sony nor Microsoft have my interest at E3. Nintendo does have my interest because of a few things, namely a new console, new IP, new features, new content.

If Sony/MS have no new consoles to show off then they'll just be showing us the same things we've already known about it, with maybe a few surprises.

Hatmantc2751d ago

New ip and Nintendo in the same sentence... Seems odd to me...

Don't you mean new game based off an 10-20 year old ip?

Liefx2750d ago

Except the Wii U isn't very exciting at all.

Shok2750d ago

That's you're opinion, not the whole world's. Sorry to burst your bubble lol.

Liefx2749d ago

@Shok , your comment is irrelevant. I never said it as anyone else's opinion. I said what I said because it is my opinion. Good detective work my friend.

2751d ago