Microsoft Tells To Fire Journalist

Ripten reports it asked, editor-in-chief, Jonny DeViney, to drop writer Ben Paddon's from the site. It follows a 6 month comedy of errors about Microsoft's inability to transfer staff writer Ben Paddon's gamertag from UK to US billing after he emigrated stateside.

Ben says:

"They have been evasive, rude, bigoted and downright offensive to me on the phone and by email. This was punctuated by a conversation yesterday between a Microsoft rep and our editor-in-chief, Jonny DeViney, where Microsoft effectively asked DeViney to drop me from the editorial team to 'remove any potential sources of contention' between GP and Microsoft."

Potential sources of contention? Bear in mind this comment has nothing to do with any of the site's game coverage, just Paddon's problems as a gamer. It seems now it doesn't matter how the publication treats a publisher's games, but what the journalist's overriding beliefs are as well.

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Relcom3960d ago

Why don't i own a 360? Cause of principle. I won't support a company who dosen't care about there customer just their money. Why do you think the 360 is green?????

toughNAME3960d ago

And you bought a PS3 because of what?...loyalty?

Buy the console for games!

Relcom3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

umm i don't know what else to say. Its the truth

toughNAME3960d ago

don't refuse to buy a console because of 'principle'...thats a really lame excuse

if it has games the interest YOU that should be the deciding factor

gamesR4fun3960d ago

go play live or is your box down again?
anyways ya M$ is evil but so are most corporation the bigger it seem the badder they are.
still glad these guys spoke up if you let them bully you you'll be another gamespot or 1up b4 you know it.

Capt CHAOS3960d ago

MS, Sony, BT, etc.. Big corporate arrogance.

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Cyrus3653960d ago

I think this article just proves, all Big companies where there are millions of dollars involved, will use whatever influence and means they have to get the best possible view/news they can.

Relcom3960d ago

stompin on the little man like usual....

Bill Gates3960d ago

M$ would never.."use whatever influence and means they have to get the best possible view/news they can.".

That is just a lie. M$ is Honest and does NOT rip people off.

*O_o* ....Sh!t, sorry guys/gals, I got the RROD in my brain. I'm all good now.

"Whisper Max" anyone?.....AAHAHAhHHAHHA

Snukadaman3960d ago

Jesus you kids crack me up

HateFanboys3959d ago

You wouldnt be saying that if it was Sony. You're just a fanboy, so shut it with your deceptions

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beoulve3960d ago

go ahead and try and even more bad publicity for Microsoft.
Do you think they want it?

Cyrus3653960d ago

It just funny they asked to fire the dude, and it had nothing to due with reviews and such, but the possibility (Of how bad they handled the switch) of what he was going to write about it. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.