Paying For Xbox Gold Sucks

Cheatcc says - "It's no secret that I spent a good deal of my winter playing Gears of War 3 and Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox LIVE. (I mentioned both of these games in a fancy list I compiled of games that would steal my time during the holiday season.) In fact, I even played quite a bit of Halo online with some fellow game journalists while writing up my Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary review back in November."

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Crazyglues2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

It's ok, come over to the Darkside we have been waiting for you.... LoL


RedDead2761d ago

I came over to the Ps3 :) Now I just don't play online at all. Xbox live was way better

BrianG2761d ago

What is the difference?

In all seriousness. I know PSN lacks cross game chat, but other than that I'm confused.

TCG_Returns2760d ago

There is no difference.They cling to their delusional excuses.It's all they have left.Sad really.

thebudgetgamer2760d ago

There is two things xbl has that I wish psn had.
Being able to jump into a friends game with a couple of button presses and cross game invites are also cool.

Have not used x-game chat, never been interested.

Honorable mention too Crackle.

xPhearR3dx2760d ago


It's all personal preference. Yeah there's quite a few features XBL has that PSN doesn't, but the experience as a whole is what matters to people. When I had my PS3 I couldn't STAND the XMB. I hated it. I hated trying to send messages while in a game, or do anything in-game for that matter. I just prefer XBL interface and communication over PSN. Nothing wrong with that.

Even if PS3 offered the same exact features as XBL, and I mean every feature, I'd still use my Xbox just for the interface and easier communication. That's just me though. Some people hate the XBL interface and there's nothing wrong with that. Again. Personal preference.

BitbyDeath2760d ago

I've heard XBL has demos for every game.
I'd say that is one thing Sony is really missing.

Also i think the XMB could do with an overhaul when the PS4 arrives.

It's great but i wish it was slick like VidZone.

adamant7152760d ago


Xbox Live feels more like a community, whereas PSN doesn't

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NastyLeftHook02760d ago

luke..i am your father lol.

Game4life2760d ago

We have cupcakes too. Yummy

Game4life2760d ago

only if we have pie also. Better be the good kind of pie too

MMMMM 3.14159265

Intentions2761d ago

It's worth it if you pay $1 for a month. People are just too stupid to research and find ways of getting stuff cheaper.

LOGICWINS2761d ago

I'd say XBL Gold should be free on principle considering Microsoft doesn't charge their PC users to game online.

Megaton2760d ago

It's because the PC users universally refused to pay. If console users could muster up the fortitude and solidarity to stop asking their parents for the money and reject the console fee, it would be the same. They'd have no choice.

-Alpha2761d ago

You pay $12/year? Where'd you get that deal?

jwk942761d ago

pretty sure it's a dashboard deal after ur sub runs out.

kreate2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

The best dashboard deal ive seen was 1 dollar a month for a maximum of two months. Than they will charge u the standard pricing. Only for silver members of course.

Fyi im a gold member.

aviator1892761d ago

Heck, I want to pay $1 a month. Where do you get these deals?

kma2k2760d ago

im paying $2.50 per month. Amazon has half price deals every couple months just buy them when they go on sale!

SilentNegotiator2760d ago

Hint: Not everyone can pay the sale price. If EVERYONE paid <$60, Amazon would run out and the MSRP price would change.

And ___ a month is a load of crap. Dividing out the ANNUAL amount you pay does not make it cheaper. It's $60 a year, not ___ a month. If you pay monthly, it's like twice as expensive.

Nope. It's an entire game's worth of money every year. Stop trying to twist it.

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BitbyDeath2760d ago

What's with all these negative Xbox articles all of a sudden?
Did MS stop supplying them with free games?

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aviator1892760d ago

Lol, I noticed the same thing. I went for some coffee, and I came back only to find them pop up one after the other.

2760d ago
bahabeast2760d ago

i dnt wana pay for xbox live no time no day i am enjoying my ps3 just fine.

aviator1892760d ago

Yes, well, I think you've made yourself quite clear where you stand. You see xbox or anything microsoft-related as an attempt of "shiz and lies."

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