Nintendo's Wii U Price Headache

Nintendo's past success has come from low-cost consoles. What will the company do now?

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frequentcontributor2754d ago

I agree that not revealing the price at the upcoming E3 is definitely so they can show off what the system can do and what the games look like and how you're not going to be getting anything like what they're offering anywhere else, and THEN they'll tell us it's $300... I personally think that the machine will be more powerful than its current competitors, but not so much that it's components will be deathly expensive. The 360 is 6-7 years old, so surely doing a BIT better cant cost that much more... I also think that Nintendo itself does not know the final launch price. Sure, they've got a ballpark range that we all know, between $250 and $400, realistically. To step outside of those bounds would be odd, I think... But I imagine Nintendo is looking for the cheapest components and production methods they can find to trim costs. I've read wild rumors of a smaller controller screen, which I'm not sure I buy (devs would have to reconfigure those graphics, entirely...), but I can see other corners being cut to pull the price down, and a lack of hard drive will help. Also, many of these articles seem to forget the fact that what moved Wii systems wasn't just Wii Sports, but Play, Fit, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Mario/Sonic Olympics, and New Super Mario Bros Wii, as well as some others. While its true that some Wiis were gathering dust, they'd be brought back out for the big guns that Nintendo puts out, just as casual gamers are flocking to Kinect for those same experiences, now. The WiiU will have touch-centric variations on those themes, making iPad and Wii users, alike, comfortable with the system.
Anyway, the same thing that happens every gen will be happening here, too. People are less willing to buy an "old" system when the new ones are right around the corner. So while the PS3 and 360 have a few good years in them, perhaps, that's not really how they're framing it, with both companies creating new systems for next year or the year after. Techies will already own them, and parents will be hesitant to buy them, even at reduced costs, if a newer thing is coming along next year to make the system obsolete. Wii has already been through the worst of that, with WiiU being the shiny new thing that's already here, not waiting to become obsolete (depending on who you ask...).
I think Nintendo will turn a profit on each system, as usual, but perhaps a more conservative one if only to bring in as much business as possible. I'm excited, either way!

tweet752754d ago

im betting on either $250 or $300 most likely with a game packed in

juaburg2754d ago

If its $300 i think im sold. I think thats the sweet spot right there.

jessupj2754d ago

If they manage to do what they did this gen, and trick all the non-gamers into thinking it's cool to buy a wii then they'll do ok.

Apple does the same thing. Even though there's cheaper and better products people seem to blindly buy apple products.

Jihaad_cpt2754d ago

Im going to guess between 300 - 400 U$

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