Can God of War: Ascension redefine the online experience?

We've seen it with numerous titles to date, including Dead Space, Ratchet & Clank, and, more recently, Mass Effect. Now, Santa Monica is presenting its avid followers, and the rest of the industry, a game that has remained a single-player experience through five titles on three devices with its take on multiplayer. God of War is one of the pinnacle experiences to have on any PlayStation console, and Santa Monica is “trying something new” to accent the experience in a fresh way. The multiplayer looks challenging, it looks beautifully gory, but is it what the franchise needs?

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ilikestuff2756d ago

im excited bout the game too, I'm just hoping they don't focus too much on the online and the story suffer.

GraveLord2756d ago

I think it will definitely be revolutionary, at least for the hack n' slash genre. Much more original than the Ninja Gaiden III one which was....meh.

-Alpha2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Well no, nothing seems to suggest a redefinition. Nor does it have to. I don't see the big deal with the MP, nor do I care much for it, but I am more than willing to give it a chance. Seems decent enough, but it sounds more like a way to latch on the online pass/expand sales for the crowd of gamers who don't buy single player games for $60.

I feel the same way about it as I did Assassin's Creed's, Bioshock's, Mass Effect's, and Dead Space's MP. They get a decent pop when announced but then everybody forgets about it after the launch, and most people seem to remember the SP more. As it should be.

BitbyDeath2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Isn't the whole online pass thing only for those who buy their games secondhand?

Doesn't sound like much to latch onto... ???

Raider692756d ago

I dont give a fU%K what they do with the MP part of the game,but dont screw the SP in favor of the MP.

madjedi2756d ago

You have more disagrees than agrees wtf. Why the hell would you fools want more care to be placed on the mp than the single player mode. The story is important the multiplayer isn't really.

I really wish sony would leave several of it's current major ip's alone till the ps4 comes out. And try to make sequels to it's previous gen ip's like legend of the dragon, medievil ect.

Surfaced2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

the only game redefining the online experience this year is Journey. Everything else is just iterative and evolutionary.

KiRBY30002755d ago

Demon's Souls did it first. you know, the invading thing, with one player randomly appearing in the area you are in.

even though it's not combat related, Journey's online structure is the same thing.

Surfaced2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

That wasn't random. The invader initiates the attack. A player still controls the encounter in Demon's Souls.

And even beyond "online structure" Journey is still the only game trying something new. Every other game is a tweak on the classic "power quest" that has ruled commercial game design since the industry was born.

KiRBY30002746d ago

yes, it's random. you cant choose who you're playing with. and the invaded player doesnt choose to be invaded.

anyway, journey might be a stunning looking game, it doesnt even try to "redefine the online experience".

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The story is too old to be commented.