God of War 4 multiplayer? God no!

So, the newest casualty of the games industry obsession with cramming multiplayer into everything is God of War 4.

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smashcrashbash2758d ago

That is what they said about UC2 MP. I guess NO ONE ever learns. How do you know that they are 'cramming' it in and not actually thinking carefully about what they do? Do you play it or know all the mechanics. Or is this just another 'everything Sony thinks of sucks because we say so' articles?

user54670072758d ago

Why do people keep bringing up Uncharted 2

As much as I loved the multiplayer it was a game which got lucky with adding online

Adding online to single player focused games can be a hit or a miss. Most of the time it's a miss, Uncharted 2 luckly went the right way but it dosen't mean God of War will.

Keep an open mind on this, if it does suck you don't want to be dissapointed.

Pintheshadows2758d ago

Perhaps you should take your own advice and keep an open mind.

2758d ago
supersonicjerry2758d ago

I think the Multiplayer is going to be amazing with the concept they have and it seems crazy fun to play with friends. Put we will have to wait and see how it turns out might be really good. I just hope they don't ruin the single player.

smashcrashbash2758d ago

You talk about ND being 'lucky' and tell me to keep an open mind? Don't talk as if ND and Sony Santa Monica are just some green developers that just appeared out of nowhere and only now making their first games. If their MP succeeds it was because they worked hard on it not simply that they were lucky. No one has said up to now that it was a guaranteed success but premature negativity is not exactly very productive either is it?

user54670072758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )


Are you serious....a guy telling people to be calm and keep an open mind is being told that he should take his own advice....something he's already doing and trying to look at both sides of the argument.




Oh and being disagreed to death, right I'm done...seems like everyone wants to be iggnorant the type of people that think that everything in life is going to be perfect, well if you get dissapointed with it if things go bad, don't say I didn't try and warn you.

I hate this site sometimes, feels like you have to follow the crowd so you don't get called to death. Whatever happened to letting people have their own opinions <sheesh>.


OMG learn to READ

I'm not saying they came out of no where don't try and twist my words to make my comment look stupid.

I;m just saying with how things go with adding multiplayer in a single player games these days it's a hit or miss regardless of what kind of developer you are, sometimes things don't take off. Uncharted online could of gone didn't thus which is why I said ND were lucky, they managed to craft a good online. Do people like to make crap up so they can futher their own "argument"

MrDead2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

No one has played this game, all we have seen a tiny amount of gameplay and yet we have people saying the multiplayers not going to work.

This site is getting worse by the day. Now its fuelling pointless opinion pieces blabbing on about something that they know nothing about.

The game is not finished so climb back in your prams and wait.

VanillaBear2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

I don't understand the hate towards his comment

He's saying keep an open mind, that things don't always play out in the good way. Basicaly don't let hype consume you because of the developer/game so you'll blindly like something you've convinced yourself is going to be amazing for months IF IT DOES END UP turning out to be a letdown.

Whats wrong with talking about something while looking at both sides of the argument, the good and the bad.

It's like people see it as "bashing GOW" and quickly hit the disgaree button. No wonder the bubble system on this site is so broke, people just do things out of spite.

MaxXAttaxX2758d ago

Uncharted 2 is a very valid example.
It was a Story-focused game that added a multiplayer mode that made sense. And the single-player actually improved over the previous game.

As far as I can tell, the multiplayer in GOW Ascension makes sense. I don't believe it will affect the story.
It's not a yearly game like Assassin's Creed(Brotherhood). SSM has more development time.

rjdofu2758d ago

Keep an open mind? I think you're just afraid of change, or something new.

What's wrong with bringing Uncharted? Should I also mention Mass Effect & AC too?

Now it's your turn to prove me how "most of the time" it's a miss.

Pintheshadows2758d ago

Based on some of your previous comments Mike, you are doing the opposite of keeping an open mind.

The fact you're claiming that ND got lucky with the multiplayer aspect of Uncharted 2 shows this. The tone of your comments suggests that you expect God of Wars multiplayer to be a failure.

That isn't keeping an open mind. That is being unnecessarily negative.

hulk_bash19872758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )


Keeping an open mind is good, but you're telling people to keep an open mid that it might suck. And that's where you're wrong, because you are slighting people for their excitement of the game. I mean I for one am not completely sold on the idea of multiplayer but that doesn't mean I gonna go around telling other people they shouldn't be excited for it.

Hisiru2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

I have no problems with multiplayer in God of War Ascention or even God of War IV as long as they keep the single player as impressive as in the other games.

God of War Ascention will be a good experiment and if it doesn't work, Santa Monica shouldn't put multiplayer in God of War 4 (and keep trying to improve it using spinoffs like Ascention). If it works, why not?

Christopher2758d ago

***Keeping an open mind is good, but you're telling people to keep an open mid that it might suck. And that's where you're wrong, because you are slighting people for their excitement of the game.***

I gotta agree with Mike on this part. Excitement leads to hype, hype leads to journalists writing things as if they 'are' instead of what 'they could be'. Hype leads to final reviews that had lofty expectations but resulted in less, even if less is the same as God of War 3, and criticizing it as such. That leads to game bashing, fanboy wars, poorer sales, and a skew on the ability to measure whether or not multiplayer was the right or wrong decision.

People should keep an open mind. People should have some skepticism. It's a good thing to not just accept that something will be good because of a video or what some producer talks about. Blindly accepting it as good will do no good for anyone but the development team. Now is the time to share our skepticism so that they can assure us that we're wrong and take our pre-release feedback to hopefully make sure what we think could be wrong with it doesn't happen.

TheFirstClassic2758d ago

@cgoodno I agree. There is nothing wrong with being skeptical or thinking something won't work out, as long as we aren't overly negative about it. Can't really give judgement on whether it is good or not yet, just gotta wait and see.

Sometimes if too much attention is given to multiplayer, it detracts from the single player. Hopefully it won't for this game, but for some reason some people seem to reject the possibility this game might not be as good as past GOWs.

And there's no need to hate on Mike, he isn't trolling.

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Christopher2758d ago

***That is what they said about UC2 MP. I guess NO ONE ever learns***

UC2 was an amazing game. But, I do feel that if they hadn't focused so much on MP in UC3, it too could have been just as good and not had a storyline with certain things removed to meet their deadlines.

That is just my opinion on that specific situation, not on MP as a whole. Only thing I will say is that I fully support any company that maintains a strong focus on their roots, which tend to be the single player experience. Whether this will be the case with GoW4 or not remains to be seen, but my chances of buying before reviews are made are less likely now with the addition of MP.

Lior2758d ago ShowReplies(1)
TheSuperior 2758d ago

Im really ify on God of War multiplayer but that could be because im so into the single player that i worry they wont put enough time into the single if they focus on multi. shouldnt worry about things i cant predict but im only human haha

rezzah2758d ago

I have the same reasoning, also this is doubtful but if it becomes too MP focus it will end up like COD. A type of game that most play for MP only.

TheSuperior 2758d ago

thats what i was thinking

basilezz30302758d ago

for both of you
lead combat designer Jason McDonald insisted that single-player has not suffered as a result of the addition of multiplayer. "We didn't want to sacrifice single-player for multiplayer, neither did we want to tack [the latter] on," he said. "We're definitely going full force with both."

don't worry

TheGamingArt2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

God yes. If anyone does it right it's Sony's 1st party devs. They won't do it if it isn't good... and this looks good. AND IT'S NOT AN FPS or TPS!

TheGamingArt2758d ago

I was going to add in third person shooter... and now you made me :p

jdktech20102758d ago

Personally I really enjoy the multiplayer in AC and ME3 for what it is...a great change of pace and quite a bit of fun (to me anyway).

To each their own but basically what I'm hearing is that you guys don't think Sony Santa Monica is good enough to make this work which I completely disagree with after seeing the other GOW games I've seen from them.

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