Telltale Games' Walking Dead Episode 1 Review (Goozernation)

Anyone who has enjoyed the The Walking Dead TV show or the comic should give this game a shot. Telltale games is known for developing great games. The Walking Dead is a highly polished and interactive experience.

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Ares84HU2415d ago

I tried the demo and it was really good. I will DL-it soon. I just wish they made a longer game like this and released it on a disc.

stuntman_mike2415d ago

it is an excellent game, i personally think its telltales best one yet.
It fits well in to the whole walking dead universe too.

kube002415d ago

Yep it made me want to go back and play some more Telltale games

DaveMan2415d ago

Really awesome game..not perfect though

+Really strong emotional narrative
+Really awesome and likeable character cast
+Really dope gameplay (similar to Heavy Rain)
+Great for Walking dead fans

-Wish the production values were higher
-Wish it was a little longer (but for 5 bucks and 3-4 hrs of gameplay I can't really complain)
-The voice acting is hit and miss
-The sound effects are iffy.

But overall, I'd give it a solid B. Really good game that people should try out.