The 10 - Underappreciated Games [Digital Noob]

Whether it’s poor sales, bad reviews, or any other number of factors, some excellent games simply never got a chance. This episode of The 10 covers these best-kept secrets, giving you a chance to find out what you missed. Join Sunflower as DigitalNoob takes you through ten of the finest games nobody bought.

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SageHonor2752d ago

Alpha Protocol is really great in terms of choices/NPC interaction. Loved it.

I think Vanquish was the best TPS this gen

zeal0us2752d ago

Alpha Protocol felt like a modern version of Mass Effect without a squad.

If only Bioware,Bethesda or Naughty Dog had did the game instead of Obsidian. Or if only Obsidian didn't use that delay to bs around and actually use it to polish the game.

SageHonor2752d ago

Meh, I think Obsidian just needed more time to polish. Another delay wouldnt have hurted.

Naughty dog isnt the RPG type developers. They're more action/platforming.

CrzyFooL2751d ago

Blame SEGA, not Obsidian for the problems with Alpha Protocol.

SolidMel2752d ago

Man I hear Binary Domain as one of the top underrated under appreciated games all over. I really need to look into it as I know I had it on my sights when I first saw it just need to actually go and get it ._.

Shnazzyone2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Just small critisim. Consider making a single graphic to use for the numbering and speed up the pacing. Edit out pauses and try for as little dead air and this would have been a really good countdown. As of now, it's tough to get through.

I can help you reedit it if you like. pm me.

I_Guts_I2751d ago

Stick to youtube for videos if you can't get your videoplayer to work properly.

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