7 Things I Want To See In Black Ops 2 Zombies

"With Activision set to release Black Ops 2 this fall, what better time to propose 7 things that I want to see in its inevitable continuation of the Treyarch zombie tradition. Repair your room’s barracks and stock up on ammo as we dive right in." (Michael Urban, Velocity Gamer)

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TheSuperior 2364d ago

I am so excited for this game i cant even stand it... and the stupid part is i feel like this every year just especially on black ops years now because of zombies xD

-MD-2364d ago

Wish I could get excited for yearly rehashes.

TheSuperior 2364d ago

lol dont wish to hard, makes you feel like your activisions little puppet hehe i feel so dumb to even want to see the new black ops but i doooo haha

Pumbli2364d ago

No need to feel dumb, I personally loved Black Ops and I can't wait to see what they have in store for #2.

Haters gonna hate. :P

SignifiedSix2364d ago

Must be pretty excited if you're commenting on this article...

On topic.
I like Black Ops a lot better than MW2-MW3.
Trayarch always seems to do better than IW. They seem to bring more into the game and IW just copies and pastes it to their own. MW3 sucked, but BO was great!

Cant wait to see how this one turns out. Lets hope they use a new engine ;)

mushroomwig2364d ago

It seems like Activision may as well make just make it a complete zombie game, that's all people seem to like it for.

Mutant-Spud2364d ago

I just don't get Black Ops Zombies, I don't find it fun at all, I like the competitive MP, I didn't play the campaign but Zombies, wager matches and combat training just seem pointless because they're not tied to the XP system like in Gears3 and Reach.

h311rais3r2364d ago

I want a new engine. New gameplay mechanics. New characters. Custom settings. Custom map editor. Etc. never going to happen so COD is a pass until they change it up.

TrapNationGaming2364d ago

I would like it if they add the wave options. Maybe for the newer people, and pros to change difficulties. I also agree to more open maps because when you play some of the past maps you would run down a hall, see a huge horde of zombies, then you would turn around and see more. What can you do, turn to God and be invincable. No you would most likely die and no one would be able to save you. I agree for Trearch to create a wider rage of ideas.

TheDivine2364d ago

I would love mods like little setting for zombies. Waves, difficulty, weapons, perks, and all that stuff. I love zombies on bl ops but i usually wind up playing alone or with one friend and its too hard and i cant live long enough to buy all the cool shit. I would also like when you die the option to start at the last wave like hoard has and maybe leveling up stuff like hoard. In all though they really expanded zombies with the dlc and added cool stuff, more dynamic maps, awesome "guest stars" and stuff like george romero. I cant wait to see what they have in store its going to amazing!

Oh and add bots so people without internet can play with a team. Maybe make it not use leaderboards and thats where you could tweak the settings just for fun.

TrapNationGaming2362d ago

That is a really great idea...The bots for people without internet, or even solo for others. I personally like to challenge myself on solo to see how good I can be.

Tommy3342364d ago

I want no glitches, a mic only lobby, better A.I