The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Review [GameRevolution]

GR: "Over the years there have been series that I have bought systems for. The SNES was an obvious choice for the Super Mario World, but from there Final Fantasy took root and I purchased a Playstation for Final Fantasy VII. Likewise I bought the PS2 for Final Fantasy X, and while I didn't like it, I fell in love with that era's Metal Gear Solid games and purchased a PS3 for the Metal Gear Solid 4. I actually loved Metal Gear so much I bought the 3DS at the excitement of the prospect of playing it in 3D and a PSP for MGS Peace Walker. Since then, I've played a lot of acclaimed current-gen games and series without them really sticking, so it's with a little surprise that I write that I will buy whatever console or platform I need to play the next Witcher game that CD Projekt Red makes.

This game. Wow. Just wow."

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Snookies122753d ago

"Bought the PS2 for Final Fantasy X, and didn't like it."

Whaaaa!? Lol, that game was amazing in like every way. (Besides the noticeably horrible lip synching).

Though I do have to say the Witcher 2 is quite amazing. Haven't tried playing my PC version since the new patch got released for the Enhanced edition. Though I definitely need to give it a go. (Also, another side note. I bought my PS3 for MGS4 as well haha.)

stormeagle62753d ago

I hear this game has boobs in it.

RedDead2753d ago

I found it sad that ME3 advertises it's choice element. And it has absolutely nothing on the Witcher 2's one.

h311rais3r2753d ago

Yea really. Witcher choices can get many people killed including ur party members.

LostTokens2753d ago

I remember hearing about this and seeing footage from E3, looked pretty intricate and interesting. Good to see that it's lived up to the hype!

insertcoin2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

It's one of the rare times that we truly get 'M'-themed content.