OXCGN’s Fez XBLA Review- Love letter to retro gaming?


"It may have only just been released onto Xbox Live Arcade, but in the five years since Polytron announced Fez it has already picked up a myriad of art, design and ‘best in show’ awards, not to mention being featured heavily in last year’s Indie Game: The Movie.

Fez sits snugly alongside the likes of Journey, Flower, Braid and Limbo – the indie darlings of the industry, which prove that the simple, abstract and beautiful can find success in an industry characterised (fairly or not) by guns and explosions.

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gaminoz2753d ago

I can't say the look inspires me, but I've heard a lot of good things about this game.

BadCircuit2753d ago

Yeah that's a strange comparison with Journey the author makes as they look so different, but this is more interesting than I thought.

Proeliator2753d ago

I really thought this was interesting... have to download the trial.

Belgavion2753d ago

The soundtrack is amazing