5 Things I Miss About the Original Xbox

You won’t catch me saying that the original Xbox was head and shoulders above the 360, it’s not. However, as all of gamingdom knows, nostalgia is a bitch. It is always 100 percent right, even when it is dead wrong, and makes all that seems mediocre by today’s standards great. I’m not saying the original Xbox wasn't great, that’s not what I’m here to do. I’m just putting on my rose colored glasses to take a peek over my shoulder and gaze blissfully back on a great gaming machine.

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Hufandpuf4410d ago

the controller was the worst aspect of the xbox, it was horrible! Don't tell it I said that though, it might haunt me when I sleep.

darthv724410d ago (Edited 4410d ago )

the "original" original xbox controller then yeah I can see your point. The controller-s was way better and the basis for the 360 design.

On topic, i dont miss any of those because i still have my original xbox. I play it now and then because I cant play MGS2 Substance on the 360.

If there was an aspect i disliked was that purchases made for live arcade titles on the original are not transferable to the 360 when it came out.

So on my original xbox i have smash tv, joust, feeding frenzy and zuma that i would have to buy again to play them on the 360. :-(

Hufandpuf4410d ago

i mean the original controller. the 360 controller is pretty good.

gcolley4410d ago

they must have been wasted when they play tested that one

SnakeYukin4410d ago

Ah yes... the good ol' trials. I remember a friend wanting all of the ones that I had, due to the fact I had several and never used them as I still only had dial-up back then.

aviator1894410d ago

The original xbox controller wasn't very comfortable for my hands and that dashboard may have been far too simplistic. But I do agree with your other points.

Psychotica4410d ago

Only thing I miss is the ability to play Mechassault 1 on it..

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Moving In My 30s Made Me Nostalgic For Physical Games

GL: "Staff writer Shaz reflects on his small library of physical games he's kept throughout the decades, and how a recent move made him nostalgic."

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Sciurus_vulgaris2d ago

I lost my drive for collecting physical games due to many discs lacking the whole complete game. Instead, of collecting games I started collected figurines.

Popsicle1d 17h ago

I am a collector have a room dedicated with a couple original arcade cabinets, physical game library, old and new consoles and controllers backlit with LED lighting. It’s very cool to have but with emulation being so strong and prevalent, I sometimes feel foolish because the hobby is expensive and like another said, the full game is not always on the disc. Could probably spend more wisely but I enjoy it.

shinoff21831d 2h ago

Most games are usually on disc still. Of course you got you publishers that are hit and miss, Activision, ubisoft, ea, Microsoft, where the rest of the game needs downloaded.


10 Biggest Xbox Mistakes of All Time (So Far)

The Xbox brand has done a lot of good over the years, but their various blunders are pretty wild to look back on in their magnitude.

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piroh4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Ironically number 9 can save them at this point (releasing games on multiple platforms)

ChasterMies2d ago

By “save them” you mean make more profit for Microsoft. Xbox will still be a dying hardware platform.

OtterX3d ago

You could add the naming scheme for the consoles, it just confuses customers. I know they wanted to avoid traditional numbering bc it would always be lower than their competitor, but this whole 360 then One then Series thing is confusing af. Imagine a Soccer Mom trying to figure this stuff out. I still mistakenly call the Series X the One from time to time on accident.

RNTody3d ago

Don't forget about the Xbox One, Xbox One X and Xbox Series X! Good luck to Soccer moms around the world.

S2Killinit2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

They did that on purpose to confuse and direct attention away from the generational numbering.

MS doesn’t like reminding people that they joined the industry after others had already been involved in gaming.

For instance, they called the xbox “360” to combat PlayStation “3” because they wanted to seem like “more” than “3”, so instead of xbox 2, they opted for xbox 360. Also this had the additional benefit of selling consoles to uninformed parents who might purchase a “360” instead of a “3” by mistake, or because they thought 360 was more than 3. Kind of a disingenuous move.

They have been continuing with their confusing naming patterns for pretty much the same reasons. Frankly, it fits with who and what they are as a brand.

FinalFantasyFanatic2d ago

I can understand their reasoning, but whoever came up with that naming scheme should be fired, bad naming schemes have killed consoles (I'm pretty sure it was the major reason for the downfall of the WiiU). They should have had unqiue names like Nintendo and Sega have had for their consoles, far less confusing for the consumer.

Cacabunga3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Phil Spencer is the worst that has happened to Xbox.
They built a respectable brand up to Xbox one. Then this guy took over and things became a joke