A Better Look at the Black Ops 2 Poster Boy, More Intel Teases Mysterious Character

MP1st - "At last, we’ve managed to get a good look at the blurred poster boy that we’ve seen on many of the leaked Black Ops 2 promotional posters while yet another piece of Black Ops 2 intel hits the web."

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WeskerChildReborned2760d ago

I like the idea of this game being in the future but not too much in the future probably just like 5-10 years in the future. I have some high hopes for Treyarch cause the last COD i enjoyed was Black Ops and MW3 just isn't as fun as i thought it would be so i'm hoping Treyarch can bring the pros from Black Ops and take out the cons like the lag and glitches.

Bonerboy2760d ago

!!!! BREAKING NEWS!!!! A stupid poster attempting to garner attention form the masses of sheep...and succeeding...sadly

GraveLord2759d ago

Call of Duty always has the most iconic character poses on their box arts.(Of course Battlefield 3 had to copy COD)

TrapNationGaming2759d ago

I did realy start playing video games till last year. But when i played Call of Duty I loved to play alot more then i was intending to. Modern warfare 2, and Black ops I Was real impressed but MW3, not so much. I did get World at War and I am amazed of the theme so much that I would like Trearch to go back in the past not to far in the future. If I had a chance to control the compony I would even remake all Call Of Dutys from start to date. That would be cool.

shodaime2759d ago

the man on the poster look like jean claud vandamn :O