What Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 needs to do to make me not cry

Hard Reset: Speaking honestly, it’s not off to a good start. Ever since Activision popped a bundle of cash in that “professional Russians” pocket and patted him on the arse, Ciaran Utting knew what to expect, and he started to well up. In case you missed it, popular YouTube uploader FPS Russia’s newest video sees him dropping hints about the latest Call of Duty game with all the subtlety of Bobby Kotick’s business strategies.

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kamanashi2753d ago

I'm all for voicing your opinion on something, but I really do not look forward to all the "what CoD needs to succeed", "Why I won't buy CoD this year", "CoD SUCKS! LOL!", and "Why Battlefield is better" post. I already know that the next week will be filled by this stuff.

glennco2753d ago

CoD really does suck (for me). it is aimed at the casual gamer. they do not appologise for this and they have every right to target the biggest category they can but it doesn't change the fact that if you want more than just a generic respawning linear shooter don't buy CoD. if you don't want an arcade style multiplayer full of ridiculous "powerups" then don't get CoD. it is aimed at the wii crowd.