Is Episodic Gaming the Future?

In lieu of the recently released The Walking Dead: The Game, the prospect that episodic gaming is the future has gained more credibility.

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Christopher2752d ago

It's not the future, it's just a possibility now due to the how unlimited we are in providing this sort of content digitally. Most money will still go towards marketing a 'complete package' of a game with everything out of the box. Episodic content is harder to sell at the mainstream level because you can't sell as many people on waiting to get the full game, let alone the features of each portion of it.

MysticStrummer2752d ago

It's not THE future, but episodic gaming has a future. I'm really looking forward to the next episode of Walking Dead. Some franchises, and one in particular which I won't name but most can probably guess, would be better thought of if they released a substantial add-on every 6-12 months to continue the story rather than releasing a "new" game. But, if so many people are willing to pay full price for what is essentially an expansion pack, why wouldn't they charge full price?

TheLyonKing2752d ago

It better not be!

Miss the old times where you brought a mate round to play co-op and multiplayer stuff now its all done over LANS etc

I guess am just resisting change.