Max Payne 3 Fresh Screenshots

RockstarTurk: In other artistic screen images, the name of the much talked about these days comes from gaming magazine Game Reactor cover. Max Payne 3 will have the cover story in May, and an impressive cover designs we can see very well prepared. Without further ado you can see for the first time that you can browse the images below.

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2415d ago
Alves352415d ago


Yes, but approve. :)

NastyLeftHook02414d ago

i cant wait to play this, its been forver since i played max payne. memories...

KwietStorm2414d ago

I'm buying the original on PSN today just to laugh at that smirk again.

NastyLeftHook02414d ago

have fun, great games they are.

Rampaged Death2414d ago

Max looks really old in one of those pictures. I'm stoked to play this in a few weeks.

Regent_of_the_Mask2414d ago

I don't consider "Max Payne 3" to be a Max Payne game at all. I guess I'll still be waiting for a REAL Max Payne 3. Rockstar making an imitation isn't worth my time.

KwietStorm2414d ago

You played through the whole game already? Advance copy? Is it that bad? Should I cancel my preorder?

ShaunCameron2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

That's because it's set in Sao Paolo as opposed to New York. I actually welcome the change of scenery. No offense but New York is getting old.

chaldo2414d ago

some of the game will take place in New York so that should be good right?