PlayStation Store Preview – May 1st, 2012

This week is jam-packed with stuff to download.

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dbjj120882387d ago

Can't wait to play 4AM.

doctorstrange2387d ago

It said there was no one there :(

Hazmat132387d ago

now those are PS2 classics not some jrpg crap. bring some BLACK and we got ourselves a party! i mean black with those over the top explosions and sexy reload animations all in HD? JIZZZ!!!

cpayne932387d ago

...jrpg...crap? I never played many jrpgs so I want plenty...

stormeagle62387d ago

Spoken like a true CoD player.

DlocDaBudSmoka2387d ago

the ps2 classics aren't in HD. they are just digital versions of the ps2 disc games. no trophies no HD nothing.

Snookies122387d ago

It's so hard to tell if you're being serious or not... There are actually people who think like this, it's just a shame when I really see it...

If you're being serious. *slaps*

If not... Lol

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mafiahajeri2387d ago

Wait wheres the Batman AC DLC??

ShabbaRanks2386d ago

Ya its about time R* put it on the PSN. It was on XBL for quite some time now. Who ever never played it should. ITS A CLASSIC :P

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The story is too old to be commented.